Jan 25

Why choose opal jewellery

Opal is one of nature’s most gorgeous gemstones. Opals are available in many colour combinations so wearing an opal jewellery is like wearing all the colours of the rainbow. This makes it easier for you to pair your opal jewellery with a outfit.

The history of opals is as rich as its colours. Opals are formed from non-crystalline silica gel. As water flows down through the earth it picks up silica from sandstone and seeps into crevices and cracks carrying this silica-rich solution. Soon the water evaporates, leaving behind a silica deposit. This cycle is repeated over a period of millions of years until the beautiful opal is formed.

Opal jewellery comes in many forms: opal bracelets, opal pendants, opal rings, opal earrings, opal necklace, opal dress rings — you name it. You simply can’t go wrong with opal jewellery. Opal is easily among the most popular jewellery pieces because of its versatility and unbelievably amazing colour patterns.

Opal jewellery is also coveted for the perceived magical powers it lends to the wearer. For centuries, opal has been believed to give the wearer personal magnetism and increased luck in love. It is also said that opal jewellery may change colours to signal certain imbalance in the wearer’s body. When opal adopts a sickly yellow hue, for example, that means the owner is suffering from a severe illness; when the colour turns dull and grey, the illness is minor.

Opal jewellery is said to help rejuvenate the mind and body of the wearer. Black opal jewellery, considered the most valuable, is believed to relieve depression and is especially good for the reproductive organs. White opal jewellery is beneficial for promoting balance of the left and right brain hemispheres. Green opal jewellery rids the aura of negativity; pink opal jewellery makes the personality more grounded and also cures headaches. Blue opal jewellery is believed to help calm the mind. Peruvian blue opal jewellery, which uses a relatively rare type of opal found only in the Andes mountains of Peru, is said to be excellent for releasing blocked energies and ideas.

If you come from Australia, you’re in luck because this country is the world’s biggest producer of opal (95 per cent), so you can be sure your opals are of finest quality. Choose your opal jeweller carefully as experienced and reliable dealers offer a guarantee and you can be sure your opal jewellery won’t crack.

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