Apr 01

What Is The Black Diamond Ring

There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that a black diamond ring adds a touch of mystique to any hand wearing it, especially if you compare it to conventional white diamond rings. These opaque black colored rings are almost triple if not more in value than white or yellow diamonds. In fact, black diamonds are considered the most expensive of all diamonds, although they have exactly the same strength and durability as other color diamonds. This can be attributed to the fact that they are regarded as the rarest diamonds in the world and are mostly found in Brazil. Interesting enough these diamonds were formed in the earth centre approximate 3 billion years ago and brought to surface by eruptions of a volcanic nature. The extreme pressure and heat creates these diamonds and is actually smack in the middle of the granite to white diamonds metamorphoses.

Black diamond engagement rings are an extremely rare type of engagement ring. This is because of the fact that the color black is often associated with bad luck, death, undesirable forebodings and evilness. Beyond all these old wives tales, engagement rings with black diamonds at the center or spread in the ring are eye-catching as they are breath-taking.

These engagement rings have increased immensely in popularity, especially with celebrities. Another reason why these rings liked is because it is a modern design statement when compared to traditional rings. To some people, it is a true reflection of their style personality instead of being something traditional.

Black diamond rings don’t necessarily have solid black stones. These rings rather have a yellow or white diamond setting with black diamond in a selection of shades crowning it. These shades can range from green, translucent black and gray to rock solid black. Some designers use black diamond setin the ring’s middle surrounded by paler shade diamonds.

The two most popular black diamond types used in black diamond engagement rings are Black Orloff diamonds, sourced primary from India and the Black Star of Africa. The sources of black diamond’s add even more individuality and mystique to the ring.

It is however, important ask the jewelry maker or store you purchasing the ring or diamonds from to provide you with the diamonds’ carat count as well as proof of authenticity. This is important for black diamonds, due to the fact that some jewelry makers have a tendency to trick people into thinking they are purchasing black diamond’s while in actual fact they are making normal gems appear black.


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