Oct 25

Types Of Indian Jewellery

India has been considered as one of the most colourful land with people from different cultures. When it comes to Indian weddings, every culture has its own style. With different brides come different types of jewellery. Read on the article more to know more about the Indian wedding jewellery.

India is a land of diverse cultures and hence, every wedding has its own special kind of jewellery. Considering the trend of fashion into the traditional jewellery designs, Indian wedding jewellery has now got a new makeover and blended to give away modern designs. However, irrespective of the designs, the traditional pieces of ornaments still dominate the Indian wedding jewellery market. Lets take a look at the popular types of Indian jewellery, worn by brides.


This symbol of marital bliss is usually worn by a newlywed around her neck. Tied during the wedding ritual by her husband, the Indian bride often wears it around throughout her wedded life. The Mangalsutra is usually made in gold, with small black beads interwoven in between, to highlight a contrast. It may or may not have pendant. This ornament is often popular choice of wedding jewellery in western and south India.


A nath is a nose ring, which is chosen to highlight the beauty of an Indian brides face. This piece of ornament is often worn by brides of northern India. The nath, usually made in gold also comes with beads, which are either semi precious stones or gold beads.

Payal and bichua

Payal means anklets, while bichua are toe rings. In early days, these ornaments or basically the ornaments to adorn the feet were made in silver, but now imitation pieces have become a popular option. Payals also have bells like small decorations, which tinkle around the feet and produce a charming sound. The music produced often marks the arrival of newlywed girl into her home. Stone studded payals and bichuas are now gaining a lot of popularity among the Indian brides. These are popular ornaments throughout the country.


Traditionally chudis are the thin bangles, while the kangans are heavier bangles. These are usually made in gold and make the bridal hands attractive. Usually married women wear them. Depending upon the regions, these gold chudis or kangans are often mingled with colorful bangles to complete the bridal get up. While Punjabis wear the traditional chuda, Bengalis have shankha and pola( an red/white combo bangles) to go with the regular gold ones.

Indian marriages have several other important jewellery pieces like heavy choker and necklace or haar, worn around the neck. Armlet or bajubandh, maangtika or forehead jewellery and a variety of ear rings like jhumkas and finger rings are also included in Indian wedding jewellery, completing the whole attire.


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