Oct 04

Top Advice On How To Clean Swarovski Jewellery

When purchasing an expensive item of jewellery with Swarovski crystals, you want to think about how to protect them in the long term. This includes knowing how to clean Swarovski jewellery without causing any harm to the crystals or surrounding precious metal. Heres a few tips on how to get rid of dirt delicately and gently without harming the jewellery

Dirt and oil residue regularly build up on jewellery, eventually making them lose their original shine and glow. A regular clean will help avoid your jewellery from looking dull and uninspiring. Cleaning for Swarovski jewellery is actually quite easy, but you do need to be careful due to the delicate nature of crystals.

You can clean your jewellery simply by using a soft detergent (i.e. washing up liquid) with warm water. The water needs only to be luke warm as hot water damages jewellery permanently. Place in water and add the mild detergent to the surface of the jewellery, then use a soft brush or cloth to rub the detergent softly in. Then rise with warm water.

It is warned never to use commercial jewellery chemicals on Swarovski as they can cause extreme damage to the crystals. Regular jewellery cleaners usually have alcohol or ammonia in, which causes damage to the crystals, thus these are best avoided. Swarovski do sell their own commercial cleaning fluid, which is suitable for Swarovski crystal jewellery.

With Swarovski jewellery also look out for pearls, as these can be more cumbersome to clean. Unlike other crystals, pearls are easily damaged by water when exposed. The only way to clean pearls effectively is by buffing them with a soft cloth to make them shine. A good rule to go by, particularly with pearls, but is probably best with most jewellery, put on your jewellery last minute, making sure you applied all your make-up, spray and hand cream (all causes of dirt) beforehand.


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