Oct 03

Things You Must Know in Buying a Diamond Ring

As we all know, many couples nowadays prefer to have a diamond wedding ring for their bond. They choose this kind of ring because diamond symbolizes unity of two persons and an everlasting love for each other. But, you must know several things when acquiring one. You must have a lot of knowledge about diamond ring so as not to be deceived.

It is not an easy task, as you may think, obtaining a diamond ring. You should know that diamond wedding ring can be purchased either in loose (only diamond stones) or in set (a ring with a diamond already). However, there are significant things you must consider before buying a ring. 1 – You should know the 4 C’s

The first thing you should identify is the 4 C’s in a diamond ring. It is very important that you have knowledge about these C’s (Carat, cut, color and clarity). Before purchasing a ring, you must already know what is vital for you, is it the size of the diamond or the clarity and cut of it? With this, you can easily select a ring that you yearn for. Just remember the meaning of the 4 C’s, carat – size of a diamond, cut – deep value of a diamond, color – existence or nonexistence of color in a diamond and clarity – the reflection within a diamond.

2 – You should know about the Certification

When you purchase a wedding diamond ring, it is very essential that you will ask the jeweler for the certification of the diamond. If the jeweler has proof of certification (have complete information with reference to the qualities) that his diamonds are real and 100% natural diamonds, then it is worth the money. So, only a written certification from qualified companies like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) can be proof that the diamond is genuine and not phony

3 – You should know how the diamonds reflect lights

Diamonds has reflective qualities. When observing a genuine diamond, from one side to another, the light replicates like a bouncing ball and then launched back out of the stone. Through this, you can see visibly the flaws of the diamonds and you can decide whether it is true or not.

4 – You should not buy diamonds that have many branches of jewelry shops.

Just think that shops who sell diamonds that have many branches do not present any certification. It is better to buy a diamond ring from a local jeweler shop for they can offer you a certification and that they just have the same price with other diamond businesses.

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