Apr 21

The True Worth of a Diamond Ring

Is a diamond ring a good investment? Is it worth it when I buy one? Why are diamonds so expensive? These questions come to our mind when we want to buy a diamond ring.

Diamonds are costly to buy because they have features that attribute to its worth. These features manipulate the value and this is the reason why diamonds are pricey. If you want to buy a diamond ring, the worth depends on its qualities. The price of the diamond depends on the shapes, designs, cut, clarity, color and carat.

The shape of a diamond ring is one of causes why it is expensive. The most expensive shape is a round brilliant cut diamond since they are more in demand. Further, when cutting the diamond, it takes time to do it. Moreover, a round diamond is more well-liked than the other shapes.

If you want to have an excellent cut and a good sized diamond, then the worth of it will be high. Its glint and shine depends upon the its cut. When you see a diamond that do not glitter and does not catch your attention this is because these diamonds were poorly cut. An excellent cut can provide exquisiteness to it. Having a maximum brilliance and symmetry is what a diamond is made up.

In addition, when you purchase a diamond ring, the clarity also makes it highly valued. Having a diamond with high clarity grades are hard to find and as a result control a large amount of worth. Another thing also is that what makes a diamond more expensive is the carat and heaviness of it. If the diamond is heavy, then its cost is also steep. You should know that they cut diamonds carefully so as not to remove much of its weight. The cutter strives to preserve as much original weight of the diamond as possible because diamonds are sold per carat. A one carat solitaire diamond is much expensive than a cluster of diamonds totaling to the same carat because a one-piece diamond of one carat is much harder to find. And lastly, the color of the diamond can also be a factor why it is costly. Remember that the less color a diamond has the more its value.

Now you know the real value of a Diamond ring. It is an investment and an asset as well. Take care of it like a friend of yours because this can help you in the future when you will encounter financial problems.

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