Aug 09

The Increasing Popularity Of Tragus Jewellery And Tragus Bars

Tragus jewellery, and tragus bars in particular, have assumed increasing popularity in recent years as young people seek alternative means of looking different. Ear lobe jewellery is going out, even multiple piercings and decoration right around the outer ear. Tragus jewellery is in, the tragus being that small lump of cartilage right at the bottom of the entrance to the middle ear, distinctly separate from the main bulk of the outer ear.

A whole range of jewellery has been designed just for the tragus, and many even use labret jewellery for the tragus. The most common forms are tragus bars, in the form of barbells, curved bars or studded with jewels, or simple metal barbells that you can decorate with threaded accessories. This offers a simple method for young people to personalize their tragus jewellery and make it distinctively their own.

The tragus is solid cartilage, and more difficult and painful to pierce than the softer parts of the outer ear such as the lobe, and it takes a lot longer to heal. During this period it is best to wear non-allergenic studs or tragus bars until the cartilage has healed. This takes several weeks. However, once healing is complete you have a wonderful range of stainless steel, silver, gold and platinum jewellery to choose from.

These can be decorated any way you want, with studs of precious stones all the way up to diamonds, emerald and sapphires, or you can hang butterflies, beetles, birds, flowers or even guns from them if that is your thing. Both men and women wear tragus jewellery, and there is a massive range of designs available for either sex, and many suit both.

If you are interested in choosing tragus bars that you can decorate to suit your personality, or any other form of tragus jewellery, you can check them out at any body piercing jewellery salon or even better, you can select from the massive range offered by online stores, such as the store you can access by clicking the link below.


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