Aug 22

The Ashoka Diamond Ring – A Legacy Of Love

Despite what many advertisers would have you believe, there is nothing rare about the common industrial diamond found in so many jewelry stores’ display cases. Diamonds are available in relative abundance in nature, but the jewelry industry has leveraged an economic principle known as the Scarcity Principle”creating the perception that diamonds are rare, which in turn drives consumers’ demand and desire for ownership. Unlike your run-of-the-mill diamond jewelry, however, the trademarked Ashoka diamond ring from William Goldberg Diamonds is an actual rarity, valuable for its stunning artistry, its trademarked sixty-two faceted cut, and even its name, resonating with history and redolent with intrigue.
The inspirational history behind the Ashoka cut diamond ring begins in an Indian mine which produced a spectacular forty-one Karat diamond in the third century. Its remarkable size, its unusual elongated shape, and the dazzling multi-faceted cut imposed on the gem by an unknown artist whose skill remains unsurpassed for his time, launched the legendary level of interest in this gem. The diamond was named in honor of a celebrated warrior-king of the Buddhist nation”a man whose Buddhist wisdom brought together a country, and whose name, bestowed on the gem, translated to mean “without sorrow.” The famous diamond changed hands a multitude of times across the centuries, not always without sorrow in its history, and eventually stood to serve as the inspiration for the William Goldberg Diamonds creation which now carries its name.
It was more than half a century ago that William Goldberg Diamonds unveiled and trademarked its own stunning Ashoka design, catapulting the Ashoka cut diamond ring to the position of one of the most desirable items of jewelry available in the world. Even among those for whom extravagant jewels are not a startling sight, the Ashoka diamond ring draws admiring eyes for its exceptional sixty-two facets, its glittering reflection and refraction of light, and its unusual shape and artistry.
Well known for decades, the Ashoka cut diamond ring has nevertheless enjoyed a resurgence of attention in the news with the recent engagement of Reese Witherspoon, and the accompanying announcement of her fiance’s choice of an Ashoka diamond ring to celebrate their upcoming marriage. With her stunning piece, Reese is joining classic celebrities like the ever elegant Elizabeth Taylor.
The distinguished diamond after which the Ashoka diamond ring is crafted and named evokes the legacy of love of a legendary king. Its later history has become layered with the glamorous associations with those legends of current culture who appreciated its artistry as well. And now, thanks to William Goldberg Diamonds, you can display an element of the legend in your own life with the trademarked Ashoka diamond cut ring. If you wish to express the intensity of your love, only a legend will do.


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