Nov 20

Techniques on How to Clean your Diamond Ring

There are certain ways on how to clean your diamond ring so as to keep the radiance. Every woman wants their ring to shine as brilliantly as it can and catch the eye of the people. In order to have these yearnings, you should know the techniques on how to clean your engagement or wedding ring.

You should know whether or not you can clean your ring or you must let the skilled cleaner clean it for you. You should be sure and certain that you know how to remove the filth and rubbish in every part (the stone, the setting and the band) of your ring to avoid damages and breakage. You should set extra precautions and care in cleaning your diamond ring. Here are several simple methods on how to clean your ring.

1 – Select a safe location for cleaning

In choosing a place for cleaning the ring, you should opt for a site that has sufficient light and a place that is safe enough for your ring not to be loss. You should not select a place near a sink for it may fall in the drain. You should provide a piece of cloth for the place so as to shield it from the substances you will make use of.

2 – Immerse the ring in a formulated mild detergent

Here, soak the ring in a warm formulated detergent and water to loosen the filth and rubbish. Through this, excess dirt from the ring may be removed. Always remember to use a formulated detergent and a cleaning solution to ensure that the dirt from your ring will be washed away and bring back the shininess of the ring.

3 – Make use of a mild toothbrush

Using a soft bristle brush is not harmful in cleaning your ring. Just tenderly brush the ring in every part or angle of it so that all the dirt will be removed from it. In addition, hold the ring robustly so that it may not loss from you.

4 – Wash and parched it cautiously

After scrubbing the dirt from all the surfaces of the ring, rinse it thoroughly using running water. Move it from side to side so that the cleaning solution will all be removed from the ring. Once finished, dry the ring with a piece of clean cloth that is free from lint to avoid dirt and let your ring shine as ever before. Your diamond ring is quite an investment, thus it is only proper that you should know how to take good care of t properly.

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