Jul 27

Significance of prong setting in a diamond ring

It is obvious that a diamond is the attention-grabbing aspect of a diamond ring and the next aspect that catches the eye is the prong setting. It plays a prominent function of holding a diamond tightly in the assigned space on the diamond rings. Not only that, it also helps the diamond to sparkle vibrantly by letting maximum light to pass through its setting from all sides and angles. Certain designs incorporate prong settings deliberately in order to make the diamond look bigger than its actual size by lifting the ring a bit higher from the base of the ring.

Even though prong setting is not the only way of holding a diamond in its place, it is advantageous over other options like complex settings. The main advantage is that prongs are meant to provide more visibility of the stone as they are negligibly small in size. Another main advantage is that they are less pricey thereby lowering the diamond ring price considerably and can be created in no time with ease. Diamond rings with prong setting also enable you to clean them easily, in turn making maintenance hassle free.

Prong setting modes and shapes are many, but are mainly chosen based on the shape and size of the diamond and the design. Four, six, eight and ten prong setting styles are the most commonly used. Fishtail, heart and double or split claw prongs can be categorized under fascinating styles. V-shaped prong styles are most often seen to hold heart, marquise, pear and princess diamonds. This is because the above mentioned types come with pointed angles and hence requiring added protection to keep them in place.

Each prong setting is unique in its own way and their choice however depends greatly on personal desires and preferences. Diamonds get the maximum protection, exposure and visibility when you buy diamond rings with four prongs while six prongs are well suited for round shaped diamonds. Eight or ten prongs and fish tail prongs are common features of vintage or antique type diamond rings. They are a great substitute to the time-honored prong styles. Double claw types look sophisticated and are meant to improve diamond’s cut including radiant, emerald, round and cushion. Rings with heart prongs appear quixotic. Prong settings can also be chosen based on the occasion and frequency of use. For instance, tall prong types are not meant for day-to-day use but meant for special occasions and events. Purchasing Diamond Ring Designs online is really a risky business. Make sure you check the quality of the items you wish to purchase.

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