Jun 23

Purchasing Indian Gold Jewellery Designs

Indian gold jewellery is known as the most auspicious since ancient Indian civilizations. We all are aware that gold jewellery is a favorite amongst all weddings in India. Indian brides and families consider gold to be the ultimate gift during weddings as well as special occasions. Usually, Indian brides are gifted gold jewellery when they are about to get married either by their parents or in-laws. It stands for her beauty, uniqueness as well as individuality. Indian gold jewellery is usually worn on big occasions like weddings, engagements, festivals or birthdays.

When it comes to gold jewellery India is amongst the leading countries to use it. It is a metal that is very expensive and its value always keeps increasing. Gold is also known as a great option for investment and is followed by many. Genuine golf is always soft and spongy and hence used for manufacturing gold jewellery in all almost every country around the world. Gold is also used for many pieces of jewellery. Indian gold jewellery designs include a huge range like necklaces, bangles, rings, earrings, watches and nose-rings. Gold necklaces are known to be the second preferred used gold jewellery items after gold rings. They truly add elegance to the attire you wear and add zeal to your personality. Gold is mixed with another metal in order to produce allot that is strong sufficient to produce quality jewellery and soft sufficient for different gold jewellery designs. The clearness of gold is called karat and has different quality types. A 24K or 24 karat gold is known to be the finest quality of gold and is not used for jewellery.

Any alloy that has a value below 10 karat is not qualified as gold. Gold is judged strictly on genuine percentage. 24k gold equals 99.9% gold, 18k equals 75% gold and 12k equals 50% gold. Different regions in India have divided gold separately when it comes to gold jewellery. India follows a norm of 22k gold as beloved. For other countries like America, United Kingdom it is 14k and 12k respectively. You may find many customers that have fallen prey to cheats and unfair purchases as Indian jewellers are aware of the value of this priced metal. Hence, they produce gold jewellery in low karat and sell it as relatively high karat jewellery. People with lack of knowledge in gold jewellery will not be able to track and differentiate the quality in gold. With the help of an experienced jeweller or dealer, you can find out the true value and worth of gold and Indian gold jewellery.

Whenever you look for gold jewellery, India does have reputed dealers who have vast knowledge in this area. Another good reason for purchasing from them is that they sell quality and trademarked gold jewellery which is genuine. Online jewellery shopping is another viable option today. So besides Indian gold jewellery, you can also look for jewellery from international places.


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