Jul 17

Purchasing A Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Are you about to pop the question to your special someone? If so, you are probably trying to figure out what type of ring to get her. Should you get her a radiant cut diamond ring, a cushion cut diamond ring, or a princess cut diamond ring? Here is some information on purchasing a cushion cut diamond ring for that special someone in your life.

Why it Works

A cushion cut diamond ring is a perfect cut for almost any ring. A cushion cut makes a moderately sized diamond look much grander and fuller. The way that cushion cut diamonds are made is that the top is not flat but leveled off. Because of this, cushion cut diamonds also have much more sparkle than many other diamond cuts. If your significant other loves sparkly diamonds, then the cushion cut diamond ring is definitely for her.

Another reason why the cushion cut diamond works so well is that it works with many different settings. The cushion is the best cut for a solitaire because it makes it so that the diamond is not too tall. For example, a round cut diamond or even a princess cut diamond that is a carat or more will stick up very tall from the ring itself. A cushion cut diamond has more top surface area and less depth, so it lies flatter and appears bigger.

When it Would Not Work

A cushion diamond cut ring is not perfect for everyone. If your special someone wants something small and simple, the cushion cut probably is not for her. Cushion cut smaller diamonds do not look as nice as a princess cut small diamond or even a round cut small diamond. If she is looking for something smaller in an engagement ring, a cushion cut diamond would just look out of place.

A cushion cut also will not work for a center diamond amidst several other stones. While the cushion cut does work with several different ring settings, it certainly does not work when you are trying to place a diamond in between accent stones. The accent stones will not fit correctly with the cushion cut. If you want accent stones to puzzle in nicely with the main stone, try a princess cut stone instead.

However, despite the downfalls there are ways to make a cushion cut diamond work for the engagement ring. Talk to a jeweler about the type of settings and stones he recommends that would meet your specifications.


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