Nov 23

Princess Cut Diamond Ring Deserves To Be Flaunted

Diamonds are admired by all women. Women love to wear diamond jewelry be it a ring or a pair of earrings. Having a diamond ring means having something to flaunt to others who dont have that. Generally diamonds are bought on the occasions of engagement, wedding anniversaries or other special days of love. Therefore, every minute detail about the shape of the diamond, its brightness etc matters.

Diamond rings are generally preferred in round cut shapes because it is believed that diamonds remain brightest in their original round shape while other shapes alter the brightness of the diamond. But, it is not true. The new princess cut shape diamond rings are getting more popular among women.

Princess cut diamond ring first came into being in 1970s. They are a perfect blend of both traditional round shape and rectangular shape in one design. Princess cut diamond ring are the perfect alternatives for round cut diamond rings. The name of the ring itself suggests something special which means if you buy a princess cut diamond ring for your girlfriend or wife, she world surely love it.

Princess cut diamond ring is square shaped ring unlike the usual round shape. It has the optimum brightness although it has a unique shape. It comes in many sizes. The square shape diamond adds an elegant look to an otherwise ordinary diamond ring. Another advantage of buying a princess cut diamond ring for your lady is that it allows many fallacies and flaws of the stone to be hidden without compromising with the beauty of the ring.

The princess cut offers around 76 facets and this is why it offers you more brilliance. A girl would love to have a princess cut diamond ring because it gives her a chance to make her friends envy of her as she has something which is unique and very different from the usual round shaped diamond ring. This type of diamond doesnt waste much of rough diamond so that the diamond retains most of its original carat weight. This clearly indicates that you need to spend less for this kind of stone. What else you need?

Since the princess cut diamond rings are beautiful and inexpensive than the ordinary round shaped rings, they are much in demand these days for engagements or other wedding ceremonies. Princess cut diamond engagement rings originated around 40 decades ago which means there is a possibility of getting an antique design. But, it should be kept in mind that an antique design would exclusively be expensive.

Before making a purchase, three general points should be taken care of: cut clarity and color. The price is not always important. Sometimes, bargaining over certain bucks may lead you to buy a flawed diamond. Setting of the diamond is very important. Therefore, before buying a princess cut diamond ring, make sure that you have chosen an appropriate setting for the diamond you have selected according to your tastes.


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