Jun 18

Perfect Black Onyx Jewellery

Unlike many colours, Black has many psychological connotations, and not all of them are positive. The colour Black is often associated with demure and sad occasions as it is traditionally used in mourning, graduation or teaching. This colour is often worn by certain sects or religions ranging from Hell’s Angels, bike riders who historically have had an intimidating background, to Goths or religious monks and nuns.

However, historically Black has also been used as the colour of choice for smart, chick and elegant occasions such as evening dresses and a whole era of design in Art Deco or Rennie Mackintosh. Black was the colour of the end of the twentieth century and it’s popularity goes from strength to strength. Designers such as Helmut Lang, Tom Ford at Gucci, Calvin Klein and Nicole Farhi have black at the heart of their collections.

Whatever the associations or fashions, no one will deny this colour can look impressive. In fact, Black is not a colour as it is the absence of colour, and perhaps it is this that makes it so versatile and so easy to combine with other colours. In Jewellery, like in fashion, black can an excellent platform for impact pieces.

Black Onyx is by far and away the most frequent gem used for this colour. Onyx comes in a large variety of colours by Black is the favourite as it gives it a unique lustre and shine, and can be shaped into almost any shape and size. In Sundari we recognise the beauty of this colour and gem and have a wide selection of pieces to suit all your needs and occasions. Above all, In Sundari we believe in simplicity and elegance and Black Onyx is an excellent vehicle to show it. Visit us in www.Sundarijewellery.co.uk and see for yourself.

Sundari specialize in sterling silver, Black Onyx Jewellery and gemstone jewellery sourced from all around the world.


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