Feb 27

Pandora Jewellery – The history of the charm bracelet

Pandora jewellery is famed for its popular charm bracelet concept, celebrating ten years in 2011. For many, the process of purchasing jewellery presents a confusing mix of strange terms such as hallmark and carat, as well as a bewildering choice of items. The simplest solution might be simply to add to an existing collection, an area in which charm bracelets such as those in the Pandora jewellery range excel.

The history of decorating the human form with precious metals and stones is almost as old as that of humanity itself. These primitive decorations served to confer identity and offer protection from the many unknowns faced by early man. Charm bracelets likely originated as amulets, designed to repel bad luck, but they also served a purpose in ancient cultures to allow the wearer to identify themselves to others of their group. It was for these reasons that medieval knights wore charms in battle. Todays charms are seen more as items of jewellery (a la Pandora jewellery) although many people still believe in their original mystic purpose or use their charms for identification. The repurposing of the amulets of primeval folklore into a modern-day fashion item is a fitting transition.

Jewellery is traditionally a gift from the heart, shrouded in sentimentality and far removed from physical values. The time taken in crafting a design, or in uncovering the gems or metals, is magnified by the significance placed upon it by the event of giving. It is not entirely surprising that for many, taking a lovers hand for the first time feels like establishing a direct connection to that beating muscle. So it is not surprising that jewellery for the wrist is seen as both an important fashion accessory and a favoured way of cementing the bond between two people.

Modern charm bracelets, such as those crafted by Danish style gurus Pandora jewellery, allows the wearer to add more charms to commemorate milestones in their life, such as engagements, marriages, anniversaries or births, or simply shows how much someone cares. The precision threads of Pandora Charm Bracelets allow the repositioning and addition of beads for both comfort or the benefit of creating an improved display. Should the collection grow, which given that more than 800 are currently available is likely, then larger bracelets can be obtained to allow greater comfort for the wearer.


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