Aug 27

Pandora Jewellery Changes are as easy as the summer

As the UK begins to once again bask in sunshine after one of the harshest winters in recent memory, admirers of Pandora Jewellery can begin to add to their collection following the release of the Spring/Summer 2011 collection of charms, beads and bracelets. Thankfully, building a collection of Pandora Jewellery beads is not a chore. The threading system in use on both bracelet and bead manufactured by Pandora Jewellery not only holds the collection in place on the wearers wrist but facilitates the easy addition and removal of favoured beads to create a personalised look and feel for the bracelet.

As the new collection comprises semi-precious stones and Murano glass it is likely that there will be a demand for this useful ability to rest old favourites and create a sunnier warmer look for the summer. The Murano beads incorporate stunning fresh colours that match the heat and vibrancy we have come to expect from the upcoming season.

Although the Murano beads may be unfamiliar to some consumers, Murano glass has been in production for over 1000 years. The skills required for creating Murano glass were first brought to Rome by travelling Asian and Middle Eastern craftsman who passed the skills to local artisans. By the 13th Century the fiery furnaces used in the production of the glass had relocated to islands off the shores of the romantic, but commercially powerful, Italian city of Venice bordering the Adriatic Sea. Within 100 years the glassmakers were so important to the reputation of Venice their daughters were married into the areas most affluent families. This background of wealth and power is at the heart of the desire for these precious glass artefacts that have been skilfully reborn in bead form by Pandora Jewellery.

Whatever the reason, the customisation on offer to wearers of Pandora Jewellery is infinite. Other beads can be added and combined to glorious effect. Why not use the initial beads to spell out the name of a loved one you wish to spend more time with over the summer, maybe on holiday in yet warmer climes?

Even if the weather doesnt live up to expectations, you can be sure that your Pandora Jewellery will continue to be a trove for your treasured memories for a long time to come.


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