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Royal Design Designs Latest Variety Of Diamond Ring Settings Exclusively For Girlfriends Day

Atlanta, (GA) August 2nd, 2010: Royal Design is an Atlanta based online diamond jewelry store that has made its mark through reliability, trustworthiness, quality and credibility. Its new range of diamond ring settings is a breakthrough for a new way of selecting diamond rings. In this case, the customers get the liberty to design their ring and install their feelings and emotions; they also get to choose the diamond of their choice. In other words, they get to buy a customized diamond ring that has been designed with their imagination and feelings installed in it that would truly express their love for their sweetheart on this Girlfriends Day.

Girlfriends Day has always been an auspicious day in the lives of people who are in love or believe in love, or who are planning to let their feelings be known to the girl of their dreams. Love is something thats hard to find, but once when found would change your life inside out. Its something that takes your life to an all new direction; it gives you a new purpose to live and a goal to achieve. But one thing that one must remember is that falling in love is tough however what is tougher is moving forward on a smooth road without the humps. The humps are made due to the misunderstanding, communication gap and distrust in the relationship. If these are removed then life becomes much easier and smoother and love would last till eternity.

So this Girlfriends Day, what plans have you made to make your girlfriend feel special? Well the answer is with Royal Design; its brand new range of diamond ring settings would certainly make your love feel on top of the World. Its the perfect way to convey the true message of how you

Mar 30

How To Find A Cheap Diamond Ring

A diamond is not cheap.

That is the first thing that you should stick in your head before you start off your search. Knowing this will save you from the frustrations of looking for something that you cannot actually find. The sooner you accept that there are really no cheap diamond rings, the less heartache and frustrations you will go through.

1. The first thing that you should know in finding a cheap diamond ring is the current price of the diamond ring in the market. Without knowing this, how can you compare prices. How do you know which one is cheap and which one is not? You can determine the current prices by asking clerks in stores and shops that sell jewelry. You should also look into thrift shops as well as pawnshops so that you will have a general idea on how much it is.

2. When you ask for prices, make sure that you also take note of the carat, the clarity and the color. Remember that not one diamond is the same. Their value is not fixed. It depends on these properties. Clarity refers to the imperfections that reside within the stone, the brilliance of its shine as well as the clearness of the gem.

The Color on the other hand, as the name suggests refer to the color of the diamond. There are diamonds that are very clear while others have a yellow shade. The clearer the color, the more expensive the diamond ring is. The carat is the most known property as it refers to the size and weight of the diamond. When you shop for diamond rings, take into account these things when you compare prices. Some diamond rings may be ultra cheap but the clarity and color may be below average.


Mar 28

Carat Diamond Ring

Nothing makes a statement like a 2 carat diamond ring. Regardless of whether you want to buy the ring as a gift to yourself, for a loved one or as an engagement ring, the carat size is ideal to make an eternal mark in the persons heart. Now that you have decided on the perfect size for the centre diamond or solitaire, depending on the design you choose, you will need to zero in on the perfect design. You can find quite a few options by just browsing through images of diamond rings on the Internet. This is an ideal way of going about it before approaching a diamond dealer or jewelry design house for making the item. To make things even simpler for you, given below are some of the most preferred design styles ideal for a two carat diamond ring.

The Solitaire ring
This is a ring that holds only the 2 carat diamond in a band. If simple is what you favor, this may be the right choice for you. All you have to do is decide whether you want the stone to be set in gold, white gold or platinum, choose the cut you desire and select a style for the setting. While the precious metal depends on individual inclination, the setting depends hugely on the cut you choose. Having said this, you can never go wrong with a simple solitaire ring that has a good diamond with considerably high color, clarity and cut grades.

The two carat center stone ring
This can be a ring with one or two diamonds set on both sides next to the center 2 carat diamond. This design looks beautiful if all three diamonds possess the same cut, clarity and color grades. It is also more attractive

Mar 28

How To Take Care Of Your Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery is often a mix of another metal with silver, because silver in its pure form is too soft. Because of this mixture silver jewellery often succumbs to the elements and can get tarnished. It is a thin layer of corrosion that forms on silver, aluminum, and other similar metals. This is visually unappealing because it makes jewellery look patchy.

However, with the right kind of care and cleaning, your silver jewellery will look its best for a long time. Some handy tips you can use to clean and maintain your jewellery are listed out below.

Taking Care of Your Silver Jewellery

1. Even though there are many products on the market available for cleaning silver jewellery, tarnished pieces of jewellery can be easily cleaned by washing it with warm water with a mild dishwashing liquid mixed in it. If this is done often, the chances of your jewellery developing dark tarnishes are very slim.

2. Silver jewellery that has pearls or gemstones that are soft in nature should not be immersed in water. This can damage the polish of the stone, or can erode it. Using a moist cotton swab or a cotton cloth dipped in diluted dishwashing liquid soap and wiping your silver jewellery with it is very useful. After this, wipe the jewellery with a damp cotton swab to get rid of the soap.

3. If the silver jewellery does not have soft gemstones or pearls, it is safe to immerse the jewellery in water mixed with liquid dishwashing soap and rub it gently with your fingers or cotton swabs. A baby toothbrush with soft bristles can be used for more rigorous cleaning. After washing the Sterling silver jewellery, you should rinse the piece thoroughly with warm water. After this, make sure you dry

Mar 22

Determining The Cost Of A Diamond

The first time you go into the jeweler and begin looking at diamond engagement rings you’ll quickly find that the majority of the cost will be in the diamond itself. Of course, the setting and the ring will carry some value, however, the diamond often can make up nearly 75% of the cost of an engagement ring.

There are four determining factors that go into the cost of a diamond and these are commonly referred to as the 4 C’s. The 4 C’s refer to: cut, color, clarity and carat. The grading system based on these four important factors is what really determines the final cost of a diamond.

Diamond Cut

The cut of a diamond is often confused with the shape of a diamond, but there is much more to the cut of a diamond that simply shaping the diamond. The sparkle and the brilliance of a diamond is almost completely affected by how the diamond is cut, not shaped.

Regardless of what shape the diamond is cut in, if it is cut too shallow or too deep it will lose brilliance or appear dark and dull. If a diamond is cut poorly it will greatly lower the cost of the diamond and in some cases render it almost valueless.

Diamond Color

The most common diamond color is white. A common misconception is that all sparkly diamonds are colorless but what they really are is prisms that are bending the color spectrum to give off that appearance. However, there are extremely rare diamonds that are completely void of color.

When determining the cost of a diamond the grader will take into account the amount of yellow contained in the diamond. Generally speaking the more yellow, the lower the cost of the diamond. The majority of diamonds on the market will have some amounts of yellow tint

Mar 20

Wholesale Diamonds – How to Buy Diamonds, Advice From an Insider

Wholesale Diamonds- Is it possible for you to buy at wholesale prices?, maybe. Today, there are many different ways to find good deals on diamonds and some of these modern ways to buy a diamond did not exist last century when I started off in the jewelry business. Understanding the diamond distribution system will help you understand where and how you will buy your next diamond.

OK… let’s get started! First, an overview of the diamond distribution system is needed so that we can have a common point of reference when these terms are used. The diamonds come out of the diamond mine (the source) and then make their way to the diamond cutters, this is the manufacturer level. From the manufacturer, the diamonds usually move on to the dealers, these people are the wholesaler level. The last stop has the diamonds showing up in the showcases of your local diamond jewelry store, and this is the retail level. That was a fast and simple trip down the diamond distribution pipeline but it is generally how a few million carbon atoms that got together over a billion years ago to form a diamond ended up in a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry. Most people are used to seeing and buying diamonds at a local retail diamond jewelry store, actually 95% of all diamond jewelry is sold at retail diamond jewelry stores.

Wholesale to the public? This is actually a strange term and I have to laugh a bit every time I see it. If a company is selling something to the public it is not wholesale, it is actually retail, and when “wholesale to the public” is proudly displayed outside of a jewelry store it is really a deception. A retail customer needs many different levels of “service” that retail stores are

Mar 19

Online Shopping Diamond Jewellery

Today online shopping are more comfortable and get a lots of attraction and encouragement around the world. The positive aspect of online shopping is availability of 24 hours and no need to take time off work and not need to travel to malls and retail stores, no lack of time, no traffic jams, no crowds, and overall comfort to satisfy all needs anytime anywhere.

If you think online shopping is available only for products like mobile phones, electronic accessories, or appliances, etc then you are mistaken. Now a days jewellery is a very important category to gain momentum in online shopping. The gems and jewellery has most varieties of diamond jewellery and accessories for all purposes and occasions. Jewellery is designed by skilled jewellery designers who feel the need for innovative jewellery design, elite, and unique jewellery.

The jewelry market is one of the most complex markets in the world, with thousands of types of jewelry necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and all fashion accessories for women. Online shopping offers buyers the opportunity to choose among hundreds of stores without leaving the store to another and lose a lot of time looking at the perfect gem. Internet shopping is simple, effective and save time too by comparison with traditional jewellery. You can connect to any jewellery site and can select your choice of diamond necklaces, diamond bracelets, earrings, pendants diamond etc and it delivered directly to the person that you want to gift.

Buying jewellery is the best solution for those who do not have time to personally go and shop and wants right and affordable product in a short period of time. If you think this product is applicable to women only and then hang it, ladies and gentlemen all those who are hunting for the perfect piece of jewellery

Mar 17

What Are Color Enhanced Diamonds and Are They For You

Diamonds are naturally available in a very wide range of colors. Most people know about colorless diamonds and GIA’s color grading system that is used to classify a diamond’s body color… you know D, E, F, etc. This color grading system is only used to classify the most common diamond body color of yellow however anytime a diamond is found in another color like pink, blue, green, etc., then this diamond is referred to as a “fancy diamond”.

Natural Fancy diamonds can be very expensive and many times more expensive than a similar size colorless diamond. A very good example of a Fancy diamond is the infamous 45.52 carat fancy deep blue diamond, the Hope Diamond, which is on display in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, DC.

A color enhanced diamond is a 100% natural diamond that has had its color changed. And best of all, color enhanced diamonds come in a very wide selection of colors at very affordable prices!

A bit of history-

For many, many years it has been well known that a diamond’s color could be “improved” by putting a bit of colored substance on the surface of a diamond and just like magic… a diamond that had a noticeable yellowish color would change to a more attractive near colorless diamond. Unfortunately, this type of color enhanced diamond could change back to its original body color if this colored substance was unintentionally removed.

In more recent years, the technology of color enhanced diamonds has gone extremely high tech. It is now possible to completely change the color of a diamond! These processes are considered permanent because it does remain stable when exposed to everyday normal conditions. The color will not fade if exposed to sunlight or be washed off by harsh chemicals.

How is it done?

The desired outcome of any

Mar 14

Diamond Size and Weight Buying Guide

Faulty diamonds.

Many errors that effect the appearance and value of a diamond can occur in cutting. Remember that some diamond’s cutting faults will make a stone more vulnerable to breakage. We recommend avoiding such stones unless they can be protected by the setting.

There are several cutting faults to watch for in round diamonds. First, look carefully for a sloping table or a table that is not almost perfectly perpendicular to the point of culet.

Second, the diamond culet can frequently be the source of a problem. It can be chipped or broken, open or large (almost all modern cut diamonds have culet that come nearly to a point), or it can be missing altogether.
Third, repairs to chipped areas can result in misaligned facets, which destroy the stone’s symmetry.

Sometimes. too, as a result of repair, an extra facet will be formed, often in the crown facets, but also on ot just below the girdle. These extra facets may slightly affect the diamond’s brilliance.

Girdle Faults

The girdle is often the source of faults in a diamond. Bearded or fringed girdles are common. A fringed girdle exhibits small radial cracks penetrating into stone; these can result from a careless or inexperienced cutter. A bearded girdle is similar but not as pronounced a fault and can be easily repaired by re-polishing, with minor loss in diamond weight.
The relative thickness of girdle is very important because it can affect the durability as well as the beauty of the stone. Any girdle can be nicked or chipped in the course of wear, or by careless handling, but if the girdle is too thin it will chip easily. Some chips can be easily removed by re-polishing, with minimal diamond weight loss. If there are numerous chips, the entire girdle can be re-polished. Chips or nicks in the

Mar 14

Buying Diamonds & Engagement Rings in Australia

Diamonds are big business across the globe and Australia in particular has a huge diamonds industry operated by dependable traders who are part of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia. Not everyone who deals in diamonds is a member of the Diamond Dealers Club. There is a strict screening of applicants to the club to make sure that they are dependable, ethical, and financially secure. This means that only the leading diamond dealers and merchants qualify for membership.

Diamonds, they say, are a girl’s best friend, hardly surprising when you consider the amount of work that goes into mining them, and how much these diamonds are worth on the open market. However, it has not always been a simple matter to find a diamond engagement ring in a style that you want but, it is possible to buy a loose certified diamond and then have it set in a custom designed engagement ring for that special person.

Diamond Imports are a renowned founding member of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia and are well known for their expertise in the jewellery industry and for the quality of their diamonds. As one of Australia’s foremost dealers in diamonds the company is noted for the cut and quality of their diamonds – more importantly Diamond Imports make it their business to ensure that their clients have the knowledge to make an informed decision when choosing diamonds.

It is a simple matter to have a beautiful diamond that you want made up in a ring design of your choice because Diamond Imports sells certified loose diamonds and also have their own team of master jewelers. The company only deals in quality diamonds which are independently guaranteed and certified by compliant, internationally recognized diamond grading laboratories. In the Australian diamond business the name Diamond Imports is associated

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