Aug 31

Things To Remember In Purchasing A Pear Diamond Ring

Have you checked out jewelry stores lately? You will discover that there is already a wide variety of cuts when it comes to diamonds.

This is actually good, since you have a lot of options, and you can select one that conveys the message best to the recipient. However, the variety of alternatives may also confuse you. To help you out, here is how you can purchase a pear diamond ring:

1. Know how it looks like. It is pretty easy for you to spot the pear-shaped diamond ring. As its name suggests, it looks like the shape of the well-known fleshy fruit. Another name for it is tear shape.

However, when the pear cut is arranged together with the other pointed cuts, it may become hard for you to spot it. When you are searching for a pear cut, always remember that only one side of it is pointed, unlike the marquise cut, which looks like a stretched oval or oblong.

2. Search for the best. The pear cut is a fancy one, so you cannot expect it to have the same significance as round cuts or princess cuts. Nevertheless, you should also avoid settling for anything less. There is an optimum proportion for a pear shape. The ratio between the length and the wide should be 1.5:1. That is how the perfect pear-cut diamond should be like. But if you are struggling to find one, you can just opt for any pear cut whose ratio is from 1.5 to 1.7 is to 1.

3. Only buy it from a real jeweler. Keep in mind that you are dealing with a diamond. The cut may not be the most ideal one, but diamonds will always be diamonds. The stone will be very expensive to purchase even it is going

Aug 30

Jewellery Buying Decisions

There are so many decisions involved when buying jewellery and the process can take a while. However, it doesnt need to be and this article will discuss what customers should be aware of before they do.

There are many options which face the lives of consumers every day. Luckily buying jewellery is not one of them. Consumers are faced with many different options every time they do come to purchase jewellery and jewellery retailers therefore need to make every effort to make it as easy as possible to help consumers make a choice.

In order to make that choice easier, a jewellery retailers aim is to make sure their products are extremely reliable and trustworthy, and make sure that nothing ever goes wrong with the jewellery item bought. For a company to say this is very easy and to do this may not cause too many issues either. However, to build up a reputable name and image can take a long time and many companies have to work very hard to do just this. Once a company has built up their reputation to a level that ensures customers are confident to buy from the store, they have the chance to impress that customer with various different products. It is then up to the customer to decide whether or not they like that product.

The final decision of what to buy lies with the consumer. However, there are other factors which will help a customer make a decision too. For instance, a customer will need to know that the jewellery retailer they are buying from has a lot of information about the jewellery products they are selling. The more information a retailer has the more confidence the consumer has during their buying decision and hence the more likely they are to actually purchase the

Aug 28

Green Diamond Rings Establish Harmony In Family Relationships

The element carbon made up diamonds since perfect diamond contains nothing but carbon. Each atom is tetrahedrally bonded to 4 other carbon atoms that makes a very strongly 3 dimensional crystalline structure.

Diamond rings are becoming known for many people all over the world especially that it is given for ladies as a gift. Diamonds are even one of the most sought after minerals in the world. Definitely, whoever receives a diamond ring feels so special. Initially, diamonds were mined in India. Currently, other diamond mines have been discovered in Canada, Australia and Africa.

Diamonds come in many colors and the green one is considered the rarest colored diamonds together with red diamonds. The natural fancy green diamond rings can be found in the collections of the most famous and richest people. There is a belief that green diamonds establish harmony in family relationships that is green diamond rings are popular among the rich people. Similarly, fancy diamonds are the symbols of luxury and wealth. The luxury of green, blue, red and yellow diamond rings are the thing affordable to your pockets.

Diamond rings are very popular not just for engagement but also for other important occasions. As an engagement ring, most women are looking forward for diamond ring as the main symbol of these events. Some people prefer a classic and traditional look and others want something more unique, just like getting a chocolate diamond engagement ring. You may also find a solitaire type that offers a spectacular but clean look with just a single diamond. An accent ring features more than one diamond. There is also a bridal set that include a combination of engagement ring with wedding bands that provide an opportunity for the rings to be intimately coordinated. An heirloom ring is treasured because they

Aug 27

Pandora Jewellery Changes are as easy as the summer

As the UK begins to once again bask in sunshine after one of the harshest winters in recent memory, admirers of Pandora Jewellery can begin to add to their collection following the release of the Spring/Summer 2011 collection of charms, beads and bracelets. Thankfully, building a collection of Pandora Jewellery beads is not a chore. The threading system in use on both bracelet and bead manufactured by Pandora Jewellery not only holds the collection in place on the wearers wrist but facilitates the easy addition and removal of favoured beads to create a personalised look and feel for the bracelet.

As the new collection comprises semi-precious stones and Murano glass it is likely that there will be a demand for this useful ability to rest old favourites and create a sunnier warmer look for the summer. The Murano beads incorporate stunning fresh colours that match the heat and vibrancy we have come to expect from the upcoming season.

Although the Murano beads may be unfamiliar to some consumers, Murano glass has been in production for over 1000 years. The skills required for creating Murano glass were first brought to Rome by travelling Asian and Middle Eastern craftsman who passed the skills to local artisans. By the 13th Century the fiery furnaces used in the production of the glass had relocated to islands off the shores of the romantic, but commercially powerful, Italian city of Venice bordering the Adriatic Sea. Within 100 years the glassmakers were so important to the reputation of Venice their daughters were married into the areas most affluent families. This background of wealth and power is at the heart of the desire for these precious glass artefacts that have been skilfully reborn in bead form by Pandora Jewellery.

Whatever the reason, the customisation on offer to wearers of Pandora

Aug 27

Break Away From Saturated Fields Through Jewellery Design Courses Like Jewellery Design Certificate

Tapping into a saturated market or standing out in a saturated field can be difficult. If you possess both craftsmanship and creativity, why not take jewellery design courses like jewellery design certificate or jewellery design diploma? Unlike many other fields, the jewellery design industry still has so much room for talented individuals. Hence, you can fully concentrate on honing your skills and not worry too much about career and earning opportunities.

The jewellery market is teeming with exciting prospects for budding and current designers alike, whether they want to get hired by an established jewellery store or a design studio or maybe, dream of setting up their own jewellery design business. Before you begin with these endeavours though, you need to equip yourself with the right knowledge and training. Jewellery design courses can very well help you in this aspect. You can choose between jewellery design certificate or jewellery design diploma.

Jewellery design certificate is normally completed after 14 weeks while jewellery design diploma takes about 21 weeks. An advanced course is also available for those who are seeking in-depth knowledge in the area. Taking up jewellery design courses can be very advantageous especially to an upstart jewellery designer. Not only you will pick up the skills needed for the job, you will also learn how to kick start your career in this industry (good jewellery design courses include career preparations in the course modules).

Perhaps seeing your designs come to life is already a rewarding experience. But this career gives you more than personal satisfaction. Aside from being able to design exquisite jewellery pieces, graduates of jewellery design courses will absolutely appreciate the fact that it is a high-paying career. Once youre able to carve a name for yourself in the business, you can attract prominent clientele and demand

Aug 22

Get A Truly Dazzling Radiant Cut Diamond Ring To Impress Your Beloved

Diamond is one of the most popular gemstones for an engagement ring. Nowadays various online dealers are available that offer a wide array of certified loose diamonds in various cuts and shapes including round cut diamond, princess cut, radiant cut, emerald cut, oval cut, pear cut, heart shaped and marquise cut diamonds. Round shaped is the most classic cut and it is popular for all types of diamond jewelry. Princess cut usually has a square or rectangular cut and has 74 facets that give a brilliant sparkle. Radiant diamonds have straight vertexes and cut corners. Emerald cut is usually rectangular and the external sides having different shapes.

Marquise cut diamond has 56 facets that give an elegant and soothing touch to jewelry. Online dealers offer exclusive collections diamond jewelry including bracelets, bangles, earrings, studs, watches and other beautiful accessories. If you take 3-4 loose diamonds simultaneously, the dealer also offer discounts on it. There are lots of advantages of buying loose diamonds that you can check the gemstone properly, order for your customized jewelry and it is cost-effective as well. Oval cut diamonds come in varieties of length to width ratios and you can get the gemstone that is very tall and narrow or almost circular in shape.

Diamond cut and shape is the important decision when you pick the right diamond for your customized ring. These rings are something that you cherish for the rest of your life, so you should make sure that the wedding set or engagement ring is the perfect one for you. Oval cut diamonds have the similar brilliance like round cut diamond. However, the elongated shape is mostly preferred by the women having small hand or short fingers. Oval cut diamond rings are quite popular these days for engagements, birthdays, Valentines Day and anniversaries.

Aug 22

The Ashoka Diamond Ring – A Legacy Of Love

Despite what many advertisers would have you believe, there is nothing rare about the common industrial diamond found in so many jewelry stores’ display cases. Diamonds are available in relative abundance in nature, but the jewelry industry has leveraged an economic principle known as the Scarcity Principle”creating the perception that diamonds are rare, which in turn drives consumers’ demand and desire for ownership. Unlike your run-of-the-mill diamond jewelry, however, the trademarked Ashoka diamond ring from William Goldberg Diamonds is an actual rarity, valuable for its stunning artistry, its trademarked sixty-two faceted cut, and even its name, resonating with history and redolent with intrigue.
The inspirational history behind the Ashoka cut diamond ring begins in an Indian mine which produced a spectacular forty-one Karat diamond in the third century. Its remarkable size, its unusual elongated shape, and the dazzling multi-faceted cut imposed on the gem by an unknown artist whose skill remains unsurpassed for his time, launched the legendary level of interest in this gem. The diamond was named in honor of a celebrated warrior-king of the Buddhist nation”a man whose Buddhist wisdom brought together a country, and whose name, bestowed on the gem, translated to mean “without sorrow.” The famous diamond changed hands a multitude of times across the centuries, not always without sorrow in its history, and eventually stood to serve as the inspiration for the William Goldberg Diamonds creation which now carries its name.
It was more than half a century ago that William Goldberg Diamonds unveiled and trademarked its own stunning Ashoka design, catapulting the Ashoka cut diamond ring to the position of one of the most desirable items of jewelry available in the world. Even among those for whom extravagant jewels are not a startling sight, the Ashoka diamond ring draws admiring eyes for

Aug 21

How To Shop For Diamond Ring Guards

The purpose of a ring guard is to enhance the ring, as well as provide it with some extra protection against the elements and potential loss of the ring. Diamond guards are commonly used by most to enhance and protect their diamond engagement or wedding ring.

There are several different types of diamond guards and those looking to purchase one should make themselves aware of the variety of guards they have to choose from. A common and simpler version of the ring protection is found in the form is a sturdy, mostly metal ring protection. This type of guard is commonly used to protect engagement rings and has little emphasis on the style of fashion of the ring. This straight-forward ring guard design protects the diamond ring against any damage. Another common type of ring protection is adorned with gems or other precious stones, to enhance the beauty of the ring. These types of diamond guards can give engagement and wedding rings an added sparkle, by adding more stones to the ring, while at the same time protecting the ring.

There are several stones or gems to choose from, many choose the traditional diamond, but other gems or emeralds can be used to add color and decrease price. In fact, a new trend is appearing where women choose to add the color of their birthstone into the ring guard, which gives the ring more sentimental feeling. Swapping out diamonds for Cubic Zirconia is also another way to decrease the price of the guard, without sacrificing the look of elegance.

The type of metal you choose for your diamond guards is also especially important. It has been traditionally the case that people choose the same color of metal for their guard as their ring has. This allows for an appropriate matching

Aug 19

Lola Rose Jewellery And Celebrities

Everybody wants to copy that celebrity look, whether it is for the latest style and trends, or just to emulate the celebrity themselves. This copying of trends and style is also seen when it comes to accessorizing with jewellery and handbags. Celebrities wear jewellery to make themselves stand out, this can also be applicable to most wearers of jewellery, whether it is a necklace, a pair of earrings, or a bracelet.

There are many different inspirations jewellery apply when creating their jewellery lines for sale. Many jewellery designers, particularly those who design and create jewellery are inspired by nature. For example, flowers, leaves, butterflies, animals, trees, fruit, and birds fall under the nature category. The use of nature as an inspiration for jewellery is very, especially in costume jewellery brands such as Kenneth Jay Lane and Lola Rose. Celebrities who like to wear creations by Kenneth Jay Lane (a costume jewellery designer whos jewellery is highly influenced and inspired by nature in his designs) include; Hillary Duff, Mischa Barton, and Paris Hilton. Fans of Lola Rose Jewellery include Sarah Jessica Parker and Angelina Jolie.

There have been many trends in fashion including snakeskin, in the world of jewellery and accessories it appears that snake jewellery is also a big trend. The likes of the young Hollywood elite such as Kimberly Stewart and Mary Kate Olsen are obviously loving the new accessories as they have recently been papped with snake jewels wrapped round arms and necks! This is obviously a trend not to everyones taste but it is extremely eye-catching. If you can pull off the snake jewellery look it can make you look extremely stylish and individual. Snake inspired jewellery is an obvious popular trend among the UK high street at the moment as it seems to be everywhere; in

Aug 18

Looking For A Diamond Ring On A Discount

A diamond ring is not exactly cheap.

In fact, one diamond ring may be equivalent to a couple of months of your apartment rental. Still, you don’t have to pay more if you can pay for it less? This is possible if you know the techniques that will help you find a quality diamond ring at discounted prices.

Read on and you might learn a trick or two.

1. Set a budget.

Without knowing how much you are willing to shell out, you will not be able to find the diamond ring that will fit your needs. In order to set out for a cheaper diamond ring, you have to first determine what is cheap and what is expensive for you.

2. Be familiar with the prices

Unlike some commodities, diamond rings or any jewelry with diamonds on it do not have fixed prices. Prices of the pieces will depend upon the following properties of the diamond: clarity, cut, color and carat. Clarity refers to the clearness of the gemstone, its brilliance as well as its imperfections.

The color on the other hand refers to the color of the stone. Although diamonds are clear, there are varieties that have yellow shades. The carat refers to the weight and size of the stone while cut is the shape the stone is cut. Each property will determine the price of the diamond. For instance, the better the clarity, the higher the price. The same goes with the color. Yellowish-colored stones are less expensive. Reputable stores keep records of these things so don’t be afraid to ask the store

3. Watch out for sales

Stores frequently offer promos and sales, often during special occasions like anniversaries. Some conduct sales before Christmas to get rid of old stocks. Take note of these sales and

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