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Keep the Sparkle in Your Diamond

Diamonds are extremely hard and durable. Take care of your diamond by avoiding breaks and scratches and keep it clean. With good care, your diamond will have the same sparkle and beauty in ten, a hundred or a thousand years. Diamonds do not fade, tarnish or wear out like most materials. The secret to keeping a diamond’s sparkle is keeping it clean.

Diamonds are the hardest natural material. Only a diamond can scratch a diamond. Use great caution when wearing multiple diamond rings on the same finger. If the diamonds of one ring touch diamonds in another ring, both diamonds will likely end up scratched in a relatively short time. If you have a diamond wedding band next to your diamond engagement ring, be sure their design allows them to fit together so the diamonds do not touch.

The next most dangerous place for diamonds scratching each other is in the jewelry box. Do not throw your diamond rings, diamond earrings, and diamond bracelet together. Since diamonds will scratch diamonds, think of what they can do to other gemstones and precious metals. Keep your diamond jewelry in separate compartments or isolated by soft cloth to keep them from rubbing each other.

While diamonds are very durable, they can break or chip. You would not let someone hit your diamond with a steel hammer but your diamond ring faces the same type of danger every day. File cabinets, metal seat belt buckles, and car doors are just a few of the metal surfaces that can hit a diamond in the course of a normal day. Avoid sharp impacts with hard surfaces and you will avoid chips and cracks in your diamond.

Diamonds are natural grease attractors. Some diamond mines separate diamonds from the broken rocks by running the material over a conveyor belt covered with

Sep 21

Advantages of an Online Jewellery Shop

Talk of jewellery and it has already brought a sparkle in eyes and why not Jewellery is women’s best friend and a true companion. Be it that very special occasion or your daily routine life you always has some or the other piece of jewellery on you, with you always. With advent of internet it has become all the more easy to procure your favourite piece of jewellery while sitting in your bed room. Imagine you don’t have to go running around in the city and checking our number of jewellery store to find that matching jewellery with your party dress. What if, all the jewellery store line up their creation right in front of you in your bed room, wow! That’s what shopping for jewellery through internet can feel like. Lest us list out further certain advantages of online jewellery stores.

Buying jewellery from an online store can be so much like a dream, where you have numerous designs and patterns right in front of you and you can take as much time you require selecting the one you like the most. We all love to scrutinize each and every piece of jewellery; you can still do that while shopping on internet. Many online jewellery stores offer three dimensional pictures of their work so that you can get best possible view. You have the option here to visit world’s best jewellery designers and order their work. You can also view the designs which are prevalent in other parts of the world. And all this comes at no extra cost.

Be it fine and vintage jewellery or something that you want to buy for daily wear, you will find everything here in this virtual world. Online jewellery shopping promises to offer a wonderfully pleasurable experience of selecting and buying your favourite jewellery

Sep 21

Home Shop 18 Jewellery Shopping Buy Jewellery Online

Today many Online Shopping malls offering best designer and fashionable jewellery in india anywhere. Homeshop18 offers best golden, silver, pearl and gemstone jewellery. Have a look below some details about designer jewellery.

(1). Power Bracelets Model No: PB008


Green Quartz works well to open and stabilize the Heart Chakra and promotes an intuitive capability which is coupled with love
Benefits: Heals the pain of the past & maintains wealth

(2). Heart Shaped Diamond Pendant

Product Details:

S-269-P Real Diamond & Gold Heart Shaped Pendant. Gift this beautiful pendant to your loved ones. The Diamonds are set in 18 kt Yellow gold.

.Diamond Pieces: 1 pc, Diamond Weight: 0.07 Carats
.Diamond Color: White H, Diamond Clarity: SI3 eye clean
.Gold Weight: 1.750 grams, Gold Purity: 18kt
.Dimensions: 2.00 (with hook) x 1.40 cms

(3). Varadata Pendant Model No: AVG00473

Lord Ganesha’s Eight Powerful Boons manifested through Eight Divine “Ishtadevta” Forms with spiritual “Vedic Beads” crafted in 18K Gold and Fine Diamonds.

.Gold: 18K
.Gross Weight: 3.84gms
.Philosophy: Varadata symbolizes Purity and Wish-fulfillment with Tulsi Bead: It represents Lord Vishnu and is also regarded as one of the greatest Natural Healer.

(4). Sterling Silver Amethyst and Peridot Pendant

Production Description:

.Gift this beautiful bracelet to someone special
.Metal Type: 925 Sterling Silver, Rhodium Plated (Nickel Free)
.Gemstone(s): Genuine Emerald, Shapes & Sizes: Amethyst Trillion 6.00mm
.Peridot Marquise 4x2mm, Total Gemstone Weight: 2.40 carats
.Item Weight: 1.30grams (Approx.), 18 Silver Chain Included

(5). Sri Jagdamba Wonder Pearl Set

Product Details:

Wonder Pearl Set: Wondrous & impressive button pearl set of gold chakris and cz stone and a pair of flower shaped Ear tops.

. Pearl Size: 3-5 mm, Colour: White, Shape: Button, Type: Fresh Water Pearls


Sep 20

Purchasing A Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Are you about to pop the question to your special someone? If so, you are probably trying to figure out what type of ring to get her. Should you get her a radiant cut diamond ring, a cushion cut diamond ring, or a princess cut diamond ring? Here is some information on purchasing a cushion cut diamond ring for that special someone in your life.

Why it Works

A cushion cut diamond ring is a perfect cut for almost any ring. A cushion cut makes a moderately sized diamond look much grander and fuller. The way that cushion cut diamonds are made is that the top is not flat but leveled off. Because of this, cushion cut diamonds also have much more sparkle than many other diamond cuts. If your significant other loves sparkly diamonds, then the cushion cut diamond ring is definitely for her.

Another reason why the cushion cut diamond works so well is that it works with many different settings. The cushion is the best cut for a solitaire because it makes it so that the diamond is not too tall. For example, a round cut diamond or even a princess cut diamond that is a carat or more will stick up very tall from the ring itself. A cushion cut diamond has more top surface area and less depth, so it lies flatter and appears bigger.

When it Would Not Work

A cushion diamond cut ring is not perfect for everyone. If your special someone wants something small and simple, the cushion cut probably is not for her. Cushion cut smaller diamonds do not look as nice as a princess cut small diamond or even a round cut small diamond. If she is looking for something smaller in an engagement ring, a cushion cut diamond would

Sep 20

Jewelry and Diamond Buying Guide – Avoiding False Claims (1)

False claims and costly bargains: How to spot fraud and avoid misrepresentation.

There are many factors affect quality and value in diamonds. When the average person is looking at a diamond already set, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to see differences that can dramatically affect cost. For this reason, we recommended buying any important diamond un-mounted, and mounting it only after all the facts have been verified. But, you don’t have to be a “gemologist” or fear buying jewelry. If you follow a few simple steps, anyone can buy with confidence.

Four key steps to avoiding fraud or misrepresentation:

The first step is to buy from someone accessible and knowledgeable.

Sellers should have the skill to know for sure what they themselves are buying and selling. This is not to say that there are not bargains to be found in flea markets, estate sales, and so on, but you run a higher risk when purchasing in such places because of possible misinformation , intentional or otherwise. You must weight the risk versus the potential reward. In addition, before making a final purchasing decision, ask yourself whether or not you will be able to find the seller again if what you bought turns out to be other than represented. This is equally true when traveling and considering a jewelry purchase abroad.

Second, ask the right questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask direct, even pointed questions. The key to getting complete information about what you are buying is asking good questions so you can be sure you are aware of important factors affecting quality and value.

Third, get the facts in writing.

Be sure the seller is willing to put the answers to the questions you ask, and any representations made about the gem or jewelry you are considering, in writing. If not, we recommend against purchasing from

Sep 19

Sterling Silver Jewellery for Stunning and Trendy Women

If you wish to wear something unique to complement your wardrobe in upcoming festival or event, sterling silver jewelry will be the perfect choice. From Sterling silver bracelet to silver rings, Silver jewellery is a popular choice of trendy women around the world. You will find irresistible designs of silver jewellery proffered at lucrative prices in market. There are many advantages of buying stunning silver jewellery to team up with your outfits on special occasions and celebrations:

Each piece of bright sterling silver jewelry is made up of 92.5% pure silver and rest are alloys added to silver to make it rigid for creation of jewellery and artefacts as well as to enhance its performance.

Sterling silver jewelry is as bright as its expensive counterparts like white gold and diamond jewellery but is available at lesser price. You can buy many different pieces of silver jewellery within the same price paid for a piece of white gold or diamond jewellery.

Many of the sterling silver jewelry pieces are adorned with precious stones like Swarosvski Zircinia and other stones. These precious stones add more glory to its existing designs and make them more attractive. Most of the women love to buy sterling silver jewelry such as sterling silver bracelet and sterling silver ring with touch of Swaroski stones in. Though Silver jewellery with stones is more expensive than silver jewellery without precious stones, but their unique and irresistible designs make them worth for buying it.

Be it sterling silver earrings or sterling silver bracelet, Sterling silver jewellery can be worn to complement almost all outfits. Be it ethnic Indian style wardrobe or modern western dresses, party wear or casual wear, silver jewelry can be teamed up with all kinds and styles of outfits.

Thus, sterling silver

Sep 18

What You Should Know When Buying A Diamond Ring

Are you buying a diamond ring? Undoubtedly, a diamond is priceless. And you ought to know a few important things before buying a diamond ring. No worries! By the time you finish reading this article you will have got a fair idea of things you need to consider before buying a diamond ring.

It is common wisdom that a diamond is a girl’s best friend. When you go to a market to buy a diamond ring you would want a ring that essentially complements your personality. You could be a shy kind of person or someone extremely outgoing and expansive, you would like a ring that goes well with your character.

Shopping online provides you with a huge variety of diamond rings that you can choose from. Besides, the pricing is also highly competitive. This is because the online merchants in the business of diamond rings have comparatively low overhead and too many players to compete with, thus resulting in lower markup. Isn’t that a good news for you? You would be highly surprised with the amount you could end up saving while buying a diamond ring online.

Now, here’s the important thing. It is extremely indispensable for you to recognize the slight difference existing between the diamond rings you are considering to buy. It is very difficult to make out the difference based on what you see in the pictures or images of those rings. To get the good quality ring of your liking, you need to study the following four factors:

Cut: The magnificence of any diamond is directly related to its cut. The better the diamond is cut, the brilliant it is. For if the diamond is cut improperly, certain proportion of light leaks out and the diamond loses its radiance.


Sep 17

Significance of prong setting in a diamond ring

It is obvious that a diamond is the attention-grabbing aspect of a diamond ring and the next aspect that catches the eye is the prong setting. It plays a prominent function of holding a diamond tightly in the assigned space on the diamond rings. Not only that, it also helps the diamond to sparkle vibrantly by letting maximum light to pass through its setting from all sides and angles. Certain designs incorporate prong settings deliberately in order to make the diamond look bigger than its actual size by lifting the ring a bit higher from the base of the ring.

Even though prong setting is not the only way of holding a diamond in its place, it is advantageous over other options like complex settings. The main advantage is that prongs are meant to provide more visibility of the stone as they are negligibly small in size. Another main advantage is that they are less pricey thereby lowering the diamond ring price considerably and can be created in no time with ease. Diamond rings with prong setting also enable you to clean them easily, in turn making maintenance hassle free.

Prong setting modes and shapes are many, but are mainly chosen based on the shape and size of the diamond and the design. Four, six, eight and ten prong setting styles are the most commonly used. Fishtail, heart and double or split claw prongs can be categorized under fascinating styles. V-shaped prong styles are most often seen to hold heart, marquise, pear and princess diamonds. This is because the above mentioned types come with pointed angles and hence requiring added protection to keep them in place.

Each prong setting is unique in its own way and their choice however depends greatly on personal desires and preferences. Diamonds

Sep 16

Diamond Color and Grade Buying Guide (2)

What is a Premier

At this point we should mention a type of fluorescent diamond that is not encountered often, but which occurs frequently enough to warrant a brief discussion. It is called a premier. This does not mean the diamond is better than others. In fact, it should sell for much less than other white diamonds.

The true color of any premier diamond will be yellowish (cape), but the yellow color is masked by strong blue florescence. As with other diamonds that fluoresces blue, the premier will appear whiter than it really is in certain light. It may actually have a bluish tint, sometimes with a greenish cast. However, a premier will always have a murky or oily appearance in daylight or fluorescent light resulting from the coupling of the yellow with blue. The murkiness detracts from its beauty and causes a reduction in value. The price of the premier varies depending on the degree of yellow and the degree of murkiness.

Do not confuse a premier diamond with one that exhibits normal blue fluorescence . Many diamonds exhibit some degree of fluorescence. Many have a very fine white body color to begin with. But most important, they differ from premier because they will not appear oily or murky in day light type light.

Some plain talk about fancy colored diamonds

Diamonds have been found to occur naturally in almost every color and shade, blue, red, green, yellow, lavender, pink, gunmetal blue, coffee brown, and black. The color can be intense or very pale. Some colors are rarer than others. The most common is often called canary, orange, and brown. Such colors as pink, light green, and lavender occur much more rarely. Deep blue, red, and green diamonds are among the rarest, and most valuable, gems on earth. Black diamonds are relatively common. Most

Sep 14

Tradition Exemplified With Indian Kundan Jewellery

Though many companies have come up with unique collections of kundan jewellery and the response has been fantastic. The classy and unique designs are an amalgamation of traditional patterns combined to accentuate modern dressing.
Most of the range of select designer imitation kundan jewelry is inspired by the ancient traditions and techniques, while each piece of jewellery is the result of skilled workers using the technique of Kundankari, which originated in Rajasthan. The enchanting beauty and allure of kundan jewellery is due to the precise setting of the stones and its complete look.

Traditionally, kundan jewellery is set with precious stones and gems studded on one side and delicately done meenakari on the other side. The art of Kundankari is all about subtle and skillfully set gems and precious stone in gold or faux metal base. To start with holes are made and gemstones set skillfully and then it is enameled. The framework or core of the jewellery pieces are made of lac which is a natural resin, which is covered over by gold, holding the gemstones in place.

However, it is not done by a single individual but a team of skilled workers work on a single piece of jewellery. It starts with carefully cutting, polishing, shaping gems, semi-precious stones which is done by a skilled craftsman.

Each of them in the team have a specified task starting with making the basic design, making holes and engraving to completing the enameling process. At the end, the gold foil and kundan work is done by the goldsmith. A host of gemstones are used to bring out the full glory of the kundan ornaments.

However, you need to see what works for you best. From large pendant sets to small earrings and wedding sets, there is something for everyone. You cannot go wrong with kundan

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