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Details You Want To Know About Blue Diamond Rings

Diamond Ring is one of the most desirable, exorable, fabulous and precious jewelry one can ever have. It is such an important symbol that the focus point of most memorable movie “The Titanic” is blue diamond necklace, which is called the heart of the Ocean. Today, they are among the most luxurious and popular gemstone jewelry.

A mine slave found the rarest blue diamond in 1698. Later on, it was bought by Thomas Pitt who was the grandson of William Pitt by whom Pennsylvania was found. That diamond was colorless with lean blue ting and was sent to England for it’s cutting thus result in excellent cut stone, 140-carat rich diamond which was bought by the Duke of Orleans in 1717 later on and renamed the diamond after his name. French royal family members and Bonaparte of Napoleon used it. Today in Louver Museum, it is the French Royal Treasury.

It is a universal fact that diamond rings are so rare and expensive that usually people cannot afford it for a single second. They are far higher in cost as compared to other colorless diamonds but blue diamond really means a precious jewelry. They are only used by royals, kings, queens and other members of princes.

The symbol of diamond ring is The Hope Diamond. Usually, it is set in platinum or in white gold but blue diamond also becomes invaluable and striking in appearance in yellow gold as well. In styles, there are many famous like solitaire, a triangle cut, a step cut and with 58 facets. In 58 facets style, it will give a diamond most glimmering and sparkling looks when anyone will wear it in the ring. They are mostly liked and worn by princess and duchess. Today blue diamond rings, which are available, are often treated

May 08

Make A Trendy And Stylish Statement With Artificial Jewellery!

Jewellery and more jewellery – women live to accessories and look gorgeous! With gold and silver jewellery prices through the roof, imitation and artificial jewellery have been saviors for women. Artificial jewellery, also known as costume jewellery, imitation jewellery, fashion jewellery or junk jewellery, has found a place in the jewellery box of every woman. No matter whether it is a formal party, marriage or casual get together, artificial jewellery has a design and style to match with every outfit.

Made from pocket friendly materials like plated base metal, pearls, beads, crystal, glass, plastic, acrylic, leather, wood, clay, synthetic stones, etc. artificial jewellery adds the needed shine and sparkle without making a hole in your pocket.

Amazing designs, easy to maintain and beautifully crafted – these are some of the factors that have added to the popularity of artificial jewellery. Stylish and affordable – artificial jewellery items include earrings, bracelets, neck pieces, brooches, hair accessories, anklets, etc. etc.

In artificial jewellery, anklets have emerged as one of the most popular accessory. Appealing both to the rebellion and traditional, anklets are one of the most elegant fashion accessories. For long, exquisite, single and feminine anklets have adorned the legs of women. Traditionally known as payal, in India anklets are found in many materials, styles and varieties. Anklets usually have trinkets attached to them which create a beautiful sound while walking.

Available in gold, silver, gold plated or sterling silver, anklets are worn by married women in India as a sign of happiness and prosperity. It is a part of the custom to adorn anklets. However, these days anklets have become a fashion staple. Adorned by college and teenage girls, anklets have transformed into chic and stylish.

One of the most popular styles of anklets for girls is with charms

May 07

Make Your Unique Style Statement With Uk Modern Fashion Jewellery

Jewellery whether elementary or exquisite, accentuates the looks of its wearer. Since pre-historic ages, people have been using small stones, pebbles or baked mud in order to beautify various body parts such as neck, wrist, head and so on. Modern day jewellery has evolved over time. Today people prefer wearing stylized fashion jewellery that are very chic and fashionable and that adds the desired class and elegance to their personality.

Gone are the days when jewellery was solely used for special occasions or for accentuating the looks of newly married brides. Today, fashion jewellery is very much part of everyday lives of the people worldwide. Even in UK, People enjoy accessorising their outfits with sleek, slender and chic UK Modern Fashion jewellery.

UK modern fashion accessories can be worn to the office, social gatherings, night out parties, wedding ceremonies and so on. The beautifully handcrafted modern jewellery is available in numerous attractive designs and styles catering to the people across all sections and class. These are available for all body parts. You will find myriad option of jewellery design s to embellish you from head to toe. Specific jewellery ornaments are available for different body parts.

UK Modern Fashion jewellery for daily wear

The regular fashion jewellery often comes in durable a lightweight material which makes it easy to be worn all day long. These are made from extensive variety of materials in numerous shapes and finishes. This extremely light and outstanding jewellery can be easily carried for long hours without any hassle.

UK Modern Fashion jewellery for office wear

A major part of the personality of any working women is reflected in what she wears and how she carries herself. UK Modern Fashion jewellery offers amazing range of products that can help you in making your style statement at

May 05

Insuring The Most Critical Diamond Ring

If you lately received engaged and you are interested in securing your sentimental and economic investment, you want engagement ring insurance. Ahead of you commit your income, nonetheless, you ought to comprehend these elements. You need to have to comprehend the expense of this coverage, where to obtain it, and what to glimpse for in the coverage.

The Expense Of Diamond Ring Insurance policy/p>

Insurance policy premiums differ depending on your area, state and town. Regions with larger crime rates will have increased ring insurance premiums. And even with all this information even, various businesses will charge various premiums.

One particular continual, even so, will be centered on your engagement ring’s appeal. So if you are critical about insuring your ring, you are going to want an appraisal. You really should also discover the basics of diamond grading so you know if your appraiser has been fair and exact. For the most portion, insurance policy for engagement jewelry will be about one to 2 percent of the appeal or volume of protection of that appeal you seek.

Where to Discover Diamond Ring Insurance coverage

The initial spot to commence is your homeowner’s insurance. Several folks locate many instances where this is each the easiest and least costly way to get insurance plan for your new ring. Nonetheless, this adds a rider to your house insurance coverage and typically occasions homeowner’s insurance does not give the exact same degree of protection you would get through a specialty insurer.

If you individual a especially beneficial piece of jewelry and you want to make certain it is completely covered in all conditions, you will almost certainly want to go with a company that specializes in ring insurance.

Be Particular You Get What You Assume

1 problem men and women encounter is that they do not understand their program, then when tragedy

May 05

Wedding Jewellery Buying Tips

Every bride wants to look unique and graceful on her wedding day. The approach of different people is different towards the selection of bridal jewellery. Wedding jewellery is one of the main items for a bride since it enhances her grace, confidence and beauty. But some brides are confused and are unable to select the right kind of bridal jewellery. Wedding jewellery completes the attire of a bride complete and gives makes her feel and look attractive. It has become a must have item for a bride otherwise she may feel lack of confidence.

You may find a wide variety of bridal jewellery in the market today. Everybody wants to wear unique and stylish jewellery. There are many alternatives to select since one can wear diamond, gold or silver jewellery. The price, usage and uniqueness of wedding jewellery vary according to the material used. But the most vital part is to determine the value of your selected jewellery and its appearance with your wedding attire. Here are some points to keep in mind while selecting marriage jewellery for the big day.

1.The wedding jewellery should complement your wedding attire because it plays an extremely significant role in your appearance. You have to select bridal jewellery according to your wedding dress if it is heavy then heavy jewellery is liked on the other hand if you have casual or contemporary wedding dress then you should go for smaller jewellery.

2.A bride should select marriage jewellery according to her face and body structure. The type of face also plays an important role in jewellery selection. If the face structure is short then long earrings are liked on the other hand if it is long then short earrings are selected. Similarly if you are tall and want to look shorter then go

May 05

Different Types Of High Quality And Low Cost Artificial Jewellery

May you budget do not allow you to have the expensive jewellery. But do not worry because latest fashionable and affordable pieces of Artificial jewellery are available. This inexpensive jewellery will wonder ones dressing site.
It is known that how much the pair of shoes is significant for ones outfit. Well jewellery is also important as the pair of shoes. So a budget should be decided that how the money can best spent to have the best value able jewellery which not only increase your personality but will also increase the value of jewellery wardrobe. This jewellery plays a significant role because the selections is been made through an immense variety. So that one have exact item, that is matching with desired outfit.
Artificial jewellery does not indicate low quality. So many tremendous options are available. Artificial jewellery can also be made with the use of precious gems like; Emeralds, sapphires, rubies, etc are few to name. The artificial jewellery can also be ordered to designers for making the jewellery with own selected gems and metal. So quality depends on the spending of money.
Another splendid option for artificial jewellery is that costume jewellery designers, both for vintage is recent, should be approached. This is an impressive act to do. These designers are masters to make jewellery while mixing artificial gems with different metals which will create a powerful visual impaction. These artificial gems are fashionable and affordable in different prices which will surprise you.
The way of shopping is been changed by the internet. That is especially good for jewellery. On internet the jewellery is more readily acquirable than before. The artificial pieces of jewellery can be selected from all over the world with the help of online retailers. Nowadays this jewellery is just a

May 04

Jewellery Toronto Retailers, In Particular person or Online

For many people obtaining the proper bit of jewellery isn’t something which they be concerned about, even though others slave above the though of exactly where to go and what they should get. In case you are among the men and women available that is certainly often anxious about finding the right piece in the appropriate spot then you certainly might want to have a look at some stores which are jewellery Toronto stores. Even though a lot of of those might not have specifically that which you want, you might be bound to find what you are trying to find soon after a short time of looking. The majority of these tiny stores aren’t chains that you just can find all over the place with all the exact same styles in every single shop.

Which makes them quite interesting to individuals which might be looking buy that particular a person a special present. The very last thing that you simply want when you are going to present somebody a present would be to see somebody else together with the identical design and style. Meaning that jewellery Toronto outlets really are a good choice to suit your needs to have that excellent gift. You’ll be able to discover them in Toronto, however you can also locate a lot of of these shops will have sites that you simply can purchase from. m.

You’ll find positives and negatives with buying on the web, you will not have the ability to truly see the piece or hold it ahead of you purchase it, however you can get exclusive jewellery that often times can arrive from getting from a jewellery Toronto spot. It is an excellent notion to make positive that you simply appear about at a lot of places prior to you

May 04

Techniques on How to Clean your Diamond Ring

There are certain ways on how to clean your diamond ring so as to keep the radiance. Every woman wants their ring to shine as brilliantly as it can and catch the eye of the people. In order to have these yearnings, you should know the techniques on how to clean your engagement or wedding ring.

You should know whether or not you can clean your ring or you must let the skilled cleaner clean it for you. You should be sure and certain that you know how to remove the filth and rubbish in every part (the stone, the setting and the band) of your ring to avoid damages and breakage. You should set extra precautions and care in cleaning your diamond ring. Here are several simple methods on how to clean your ring.

1 – Select a safe location for cleaning

In choosing a place for cleaning the ring, you should opt for a site that has sufficient light and a place that is safe enough for your ring not to be loss. You should not select a place near a sink for it may fall in the drain. You should provide a piece of cloth for the place so as to shield it from the substances you will make use of.

2 – Immerse the ring in a formulated mild detergent

Here, soak the ring in a warm formulated detergent and water to loosen the filth and rubbish. Through this, excess dirt from the ring may be removed. Always remember to use a formulated detergent and a cleaning solution to ensure that the dirt from your ring will be washed away and bring back the shininess of the ring.

3 – Make use of a mild toothbrush

Using a soft

May 04

What Are Diamonds

Diamonds are a mineral, a natural crystalline substance, the transparent form of pure carbon or nearly pure carbon. Diamonds have extraordinary qualities. Diamonds have a broad colour range, high refraction, high dispersion of fire, very low reactivity to chemicals, rarity, and of course, extreme hardness and durability. Diamonds are known as the “king of gems” they glitter, dazzle, and symbolize purity and strength.

A diamond is the oldest thing you will ever own, probably 3 billion years in age, fully two thirds the age of the Earth. A diamond is a strategic and high-tech supermaterial for our technological society. Diamond is the birth stone for the month of April.

A diamond is composed of the single element carbon, and it is the arrangement of the C atoms in the lattice that give a diamond its amazing properties. Both diamond and graphite are composed of just carbon. However a diamond is the hardest known material and graphite is one of the softest, this was caused by a rearrangement of the way the atoms are bonded together. Diamond carbon atoms are linked in a regular three-dimensional lattice with a repeating or crystalline pattern.

Diamond belongs to the cubic, or ‘isometric’ crystal system. The most commonly seen crystal structures or arrangements are:

– Octahedron (8 faces)

– Cube (6 faces)

– Dodecahedron (12 faces)

A diamond is the ultimate gemstone, having few weaknesses and many strengths. It is well known that diamonds are the hardest substance found in nature, but few people realize that diamonds are four times harder than the next hardest natural mineral, corundum – sapphires and rubies.

Natural diamonds are formed deep within the Earth’s mantle layer from the element carbon, about 180km below the surface, where high temperatures and pressures exist. Some diamonds form at depths of 300-400 kilometres, or even deeper, but these diamonds are particularly

May 04

Home Shop 18 Jewellery Shopping Latest Designer And Fashionable Jewellery Online

The Internet is especially helpful when you are looking for an item that is hard to discover, like jewellery. Homeshop18 offers best golden, diamond, silver, pearl, gemstone jewellery in India. Have a look on the latest designer jewellery below and select one you want to buy. Here are all with the best deals available in the market.

(1). D’damas Earrings LE2324


D’damas is about luxury and aspirations, bestowing upon the wearer a special status. D’damas vast variety of sub-brands allows every customer a choice of jewellery to reflect their personality, tastes and to suit every occasion. Exclusively from D’damas


.Gold Purity: 18kt, Gold Weight: 2.2 gms
.Diamond Weight: 0.04, Diamond Pieces: 6
.All D’damas products come with product authenticity certificates.

(2). Surat Diamond 5 Line Choker


This beautiful necklace fits well to the Neck and comes with an adjustable clasp
Pearl Size: 4/5 mm, Necklace Length: 14/15 inches

(3). Bella – Sterling Silver Jewellery (CZ) Pendant

Bella is Sterling Silver with CZ and semi precious stone.


.Silver Purity: 925 KT, Gross / Silver Weight: 5.82gms
.All weights are indicative, Product image is indicative
.All Bella products comes with certificate of Guarantee

(4). Charming Garnet Earrings

Charming .925 Sterling Silver Citrine Earrings. Gift this ideal pair of earrings to your dear ones.


.Metal Type: .925 Sterling Silver, Rhodium Plated (Nickel Free)
.Gemstone(s): Genuine Garnet, Shapes & Sizes: Garnet Round 3.00mm (8), Garnet Pears 8x5mm (2)
.Total Gemstone Weight: 2.96carats, Item Weight: 2.25grams (Approx.)

(5). Necklace Set Model No: C1811


.Weight: 50gms, Gold: 24 K
.Size Length: 24 inches, Fine Dull Work
.With Matching Earrings
.The necklace set consists of a stunning Necklace and a pair of beautiful matching earrings.

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