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Mannequin Jewellery Stand

Mannequin jewellery stand is hip and chic jewellery stand. As girls love to buy jewellery and they collect variety of jewellery for themselves and thats why they need jewellery stand to hang their variety of jewellery to secure them. mannequin jewellery stand is a perfect and unique jewellery stand for necklace, bracelet and earrings of any size. It gives a charming and delightful display to your jewellery mannequin jewellery stand is a beautiful and affordable jewellery stand to store your personal jewellery in order to ensure that your all jewellry do not get lost and store them properly. You can not have them all tangled up in a jewellry box because it will become very difficult to find your favorite one when you are going outside. A mannequin jewellery stand will help you to organize your jewellery and keep them safe. A lot of people keep their jewellry in a drawer which entangles the pieces and damages their jewellery. Just go for a simpler way to store your jewellery by using a mannequin jewellery stand where you can individually store your each jewellery piece.
Variety Of Mannequin Jewellery Stand:

Mannequin jewellery stand is available in different styles and unique designs. They are approximately in every color. Due to its variety in colors these jewellery stands are high in demand because they give a charming look not only to your jewellery but also to your room where you place it. They consist of number of arms mostly 5-6 arms to hold your jewellery. Its arms are also of different sizes and are perfect for displaying rings, necklace and bracelets. They are also available in different sizes like 16 cm, 25 cm and 35 cm etc.
How To Get Mannequin Jewellery Stand:

You can buy mannequin jewellery stand from internet

Apr 12

Designer Jewellery Diamond Ring Sets New Record

A designer jewellery diamond ring has set a new world record auction price for a blue diamond.

The rare Bulgari Blue Diamond two-stone ring designed in the 1970s fetched 9.94 million at Christie’s auction house in New York this October, which equated to 886,000 per carat.

It was the most expensive item from a private European collection which had more than 450 designer jewellery pieces that were sold to various bidders for a total figure that topped 31.6 million.

Rahul Kadakia, head of jewellery for Christie’s Americas, said: “A world record price was achieved for The Bulgari Blue, a much-celebrated stone that came up for sale at Christie’s for the first time in almost 40 years.”

The jewel was previously purchased in Rome during the early 1970s for a price which would be equivalent to 3.1 million in modern money after taking inflation into account.

A collector had bought the ring as a celebratory gift for his wife in honour of birth of their first son, said Christies.

Mr Kadakia added: “With a sold price of $15.7 million, the stone tripled its value in that time, demonstrating the incredible resilience of diamonds in today’s volatile economic environment and the true, lasting value of fine jewellery.”

The Daily Telegraph reported that diamonds and other coloured-stone designer jewellery have increased in value by 20 per cent compared to figures from 2009.

People who like designer but cannot afford pieces like the Bulgari Blue Diamond may be interested to know that British rocker Pete Doherty is reported to be launching his own range of trinkets and charms.

The Libertines frontman has joined up with Hannah Martin, whose designs have been worn by celebrities such as Agyness Deyn, Angelina Jolie and Madonna.

A spokesperson said that the pair had created an antique-inspired designer jewellery

Apr 10

Buy Tartan Jewellery Online

One minute it is summer and youre busy topping up your tan, the next thing you know the countrys in shutdown as it is blanketed by snow. Where did the months go? Already its December and youve yet to start buying those presents. You consider pilling on the woollies and hitting the shops but stop as you remember the huge crowds of last minute shoppers likely to be doing the same. Theres got to be an easier way surely?

Well, thankfully, there is. The roads may be blocked and cars snowed in, but the internet still works and fortunately there are a myriad of shops online; tartan jewellery boutiques, fine leather crafts, bespoke chocolatiers, where you can still buy original and unique gifts that wont break the bank but will arrive by Christmas Day.

If youre buying online then the world is your oyster there is so much available, with such a variety of sizes, colours and price tags that it would take weeks to search through everything. As this is a luxury few of us can afford, the online shopper needs to be discerning in their browsing. For example, buying tartan jewellery online sounds simple enough at first, but a quick type into the search engine reveals a host of retailers, each promising to be the best.

You can whittle down that list simply by reading reviews (both on site and off). With gifts that require craftsmanship, especially tartan jewellery or other bespoke crafts, the quality and service of the retailer are crucial indicators of what you can expect if you buy through them. Things like checking the jewellery is hallmarked or that some sort of guarantee certificate is included are all things to ask about before buying online. But perhaps the best thing about

Apr 05

Gold and Diamond Jewellery Gender, no bar!

A symbol of power and affluence is what diamond studded gold jewellery portrays. Feel fancy while wearing the most wanted jewellery of all times, a gold and diamond combination that never goes out of fashion, especially for couples and celebrities.

Looking good is no longer restricted to just women, as men today are seen wearing jewellery at various events. Jewellery as a word signifies a prominent symbol of wealth and power. Ranging from large gold chains with diamonds in addition to diamond gold rings, it has achieved prime importance in recent times. Common accessories may include watches, money clips, cuff links and chains that may suit the interest of most men. But craze for diamond rings with a touch of gold continues to remain in trend with new designs emerge in the jewellery market.

When selecting jewellery women inevitably veer towards the age-old blend of gold and diamonds and this is a combination that is absolutely timeless. Majority of women these days find their interest in elegant looking princess cut diamond rings or a round brilliant diamond rings with a touch of yellow or white gold that attracts attention and signifies a highly visible fashion statement. If diamond studded gold rings are womens bling, men are equally inclined towards this jewellery. An exquisite emerald cut diamond ring looks as magnificent as the touch of white gold around the diamond. Diamond ring designs make a world of difference to enhance ones personality. A stunning criss-cross pattern of diamond ring that resembles a knot or a cluster of thin bands crossing each other, gives the ring a delicate look . It looks beautiful on anyone wearing this elegant designed diamond ring. You have an array of patterns to choose from among criss-cross diamond rings with a hint of gold to

Apr 05

Diamonds – How To Know If A Diamond Is Fake Or Real

A diamond is a girl’s best friend! It is a beauty and unique nature makes it easy to admire. Diamond purchasing is a great task and an exciting pleasure. There are various types of diamonds so when buying real diamonds, one should learn about fake diamonds so that you will be able to distinguish between the fake vs. real diamond. Nowadays the best fake diamond is in great demand. Here are some of the simple solutions or the methods that will enable you to find out the difference between the fake vs. real diamond. The best way to know about the precious diamond is to acquire knowledge from a diamond professional. If possible take the diamond along with you to the shop and get all the details from the jeweler. The best fake diamond looks so similar to the real diamond that even a professional diamond jeweler may get confused and may have hard time to finding out whether it is a fake or the real diamond. In case you are not satisfied with the views regarding the real diamond from the professional, here is a way to find out which is a real diamond and which is a fake diamond.

The first method is to check the diamond with the help of diamond tester as it will help you to differentiate between real diamond and best fake diamond. It is an electronic tester that can check all the diamonds except the moissanite stone for which the diamond tester is not reliable. The best fake diamond is the cubic zirconia and the weight of this diamond is around 50% more than a real diamond of the same size and shape. This weighing test also can find out the difference between fake vs. real diamond.

Another method for checking the best fake diamond

Apr 02

Imitation Jewellery – Women’s New Choice of Jewellery

Though gold continues to be in vogue amongst women as well as investors, its general usage has definitely declined. Rising gold prices combined with the emergence of stylish imitation jewellery that look like genuine gold can be attributed to this trend. As is the case, gold jewellery, these days is gradually being replaced by imitation jewellery for every type of occasion. Gone are the days when diamond, valuable stones, gold and platinum were the only metals used to make jewellery. With changing trends, tastes and preferences of women has also undergone a drastic change. Nowadays style dominates everything else. Women today are conscious about their style and this rise of consciousness has been observed irrespective of geographical locations. Every woman: young, middle-aged, old alike, loves to dress up. They love to match jewellery with their attires. Hence fashion jewellery has created its own niche in the market. Fashion jewellery can be also termed as costume jewellery because of its cheap value. It can be found studded with either imitation or glass stones. The modern imitation jewellery promotes the concept of wearable and affordable jewellery. Today’s women prefer to possess variety of jewellery sets matching the costumes they wear on different occasions. This has popularized fashion jewellery which is made out of various inexpensive materials like terracotta jute chunky beads feather fabric plastic wood shells, glass, paper pulp, etc. These apart from being trendy are durable and affordable. Moreover women are very choosy about designs and when it comes to imitation jewellery, the choices are plenty.

Expensive jewellery might give you that social attention but wearing them every day to work is not the most sensible option. So, definitely the other option is imitation jewellery. They not only look good but also come with a variety of options. Every Indian and western

Apr 01

What Is The Black Diamond Ring

There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that a black diamond ring adds a touch of mystique to any hand wearing it, especially if you compare it to conventional white diamond rings. These opaque black colored rings are almost triple if not more in value than white or yellow diamonds. In fact, black diamonds are considered the most expensive of all diamonds, although they have exactly the same strength and durability as other color diamonds. This can be attributed to the fact that they are regarded as the rarest diamonds in the world and are mostly found in Brazil. Interesting enough these diamonds were formed in the earth centre approximate 3 billion years ago and brought to surface by eruptions of a volcanic nature. The extreme pressure and heat creates these diamonds and is actually smack in the middle of the granite to white diamonds metamorphoses.

Black diamond engagement rings are an extremely rare type of engagement ring. This is because of the fact that the color black is often associated with bad luck, death, undesirable forebodings and evilness. Beyond all these old wives tales, engagement rings with black diamonds at the center or spread in the ring are eye-catching as they are breath-taking.

These engagement rings have increased immensely in popularity, especially with celebrities. Another reason why these rings liked is because it is a modern design statement when compared to traditional rings. To some people, it is a true reflection of their style personality instead of being something traditional.

Black diamond rings don’t necessarily have solid black stones. These rings rather have a yellow or white diamond setting with black diamond in a selection of shades crowning it. These shades can range from green, translucent black and gray to rock solid black. Some designers use black diamond

Apr 01

Choosing the Best Diamond Cut

What is the best diamond cut and how should you go about choosing your ideal diamond?

What is cut?

When discussing diamonds, ‘Cut’ does not mean shape.
“The cut of a diamond describes the manner in which a diamond has been shaped and polished from its beginning form as a rough stone to its final gem proportions. The cut of a diamond describes the quality of workmanship and the angles to which a diamond is cut.” (wikipedia)

The cut of a Diamond is the only property, which is totally dependent on man. Each stone loses, on average, more than half its original weight during cutting and polishing. Proportions and angles influence the internal reflection of light as well as the dispersion of light leaving the diamond. This determines the Fire (flash or sparkle of rainbow colours) and Brilliance (brightness or white light return) of the diamond, and ultimately its beauty.

The Round Brilliant Cut diamond is the most common cut and has received the most attention in the trade. There are various other cuts for both round and fancy shaped diamonds. This article only relates to Round Brilliant cut diamonds.

A large number of Round Brilliant Cuts have been defined over the years, each with their own detailed specifications of the various proportions of the diamond. The main purpose of these cutting styles has been to maximise the Fire and Brilliance of the diamond to produce the most beautiful stone possible.

Tolkowsky Ideal Cut

In 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky systematically analyzed the optics of the round brilliant diamond using mathematical calculations that considered both brilliance and fire of diamonds. He estimated the best proportions for cutting round brilliant diamonds.

Tolkowsky published his findings in his book “Diamond Design.” He is generally acknowledged as the father of the modern round brilliant diamond cut. Today’s standards for “ideal cut” diamonds are

Mar 31

Diamond Engagement Ring-simple Ways To Buy A Beautiful Diamond Ring For Cheap Prices

Diamond engagement rings are the best gifts which you can give to your lady you love. By presenting a beautiful diamond rings to your lady at the time of proposal you will not make her happy only but you will also impress her. You will show her that you really love and care for her and you can give her all the happiness of the world.

But as we all know that purchasing a beautiful diamond engagement ring is not an easy task especially for the couples who are looking for diamond rings for cheap prices. Buying cheap diamond engagement rings is very daunting task but if you want then you can make your shopping process easier by following few simple steps.

In this article few ways are given through which you can easily buy a beautiful diamond engagement ring for cheap prices.

The best and easy way to find high quality of diamond engagement rings for affordable prices is the internet. By surfing the internet you can find many online jewellery stores offering high quality of diamond rings for cheap prices. The main reason of offering the rings for low prices is that the online jewellers do not have to pay security, sales staffing, commercial dcor and warehousing. They also do not have to advertise like local jewellery stores and hence they are able to offer you diamond rings for cheap prices.

But before buying your engagement ring from the online jewellery stores you must make sure of the credibility of the website and you must also make sure that the store has stated its return policy very clearly.

Another way to buy diamond engagement rings for cheap prices is to go for loose diamonds. If you will buy loose diamonds and then set them

Mar 31

White Gold Engagement Rings, Pearl Jewellery Australia, Argyle Pink Diamonds – Simson Bespoke

Pearl Jewellery in Australia

Fashion comes and goes. Something which is Inin the market may not be out by tomorrow; such is the dynamic world of fashion. Ceremony accessories keep changing, but theres one such accessory which has not gone changes throughout ages. In fact, day by day this accessory has become a central point of occasion. This accessory touches the heart of each and every one and all of us wants to make it very very special. The more sensitive and thoughtful is the couple involved in choosing it. Yes thats Engagement Ring. Engagement rings Perth is the most sought out item. From gold to paltinum and from diamonds to gems may varieties have been in vogue. But the all time couple favorite is pearl jewellery in Australia.

Yellow gold may not allure all. In Asian countries this colour is much in demand, but otherwise white gold is mostly preferred due its shine and unique charm. They match our everyday wear as well. Pearl jewellery Australiastocks are available everywhere, but their designs and delicate craftsmanship is not available everywhere. Engagement rings Perthstudded with diamonds and pearls are truly fascinating.Every ring is a master piece in itself. You can have rings with various diamond specifications and specialised settings. We have our own collection of this.

Pearl jewellery in Australiacan be made more attractive with the use of different designs. Since the colour is whitish, gems like sapphire, ruby, coral, and emerald will be a perfect contrast for it. Our craftsmans are experienced and will understand your requirements. They work out to the finest detail. Such enchanting engagement rings Perthwill make the occassion a mesmerising experience and your togetherness will be cherished for ever. Although a bit costly as compared to traditional yellow gold, can anything be more expensive than your

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