Oct 05

Artificial Jewellery A Trendy Means Of Adornment

Artificial jewellery has always been in great demand because of its affordability, unique designs and easy availability. It is disposable jewellery not meant to be handed down through generations. It can add the touch of elegance and show our fashion sense.

Artificial jewellery is becoming equally stylish and fashionable. The chief reasons behind the rising popularity of artificial jewellery are its various colors and collection of designs. It is also safer in many outdoor situations.

Artificial jewellery like artificial rings, chains, earrings and fashion bracelets with so many traditional and modern styles are generally attracted by the foreigners. Artificial jewellery is made of materials including metals, glass, plastic, shells, wood and artificial stones. Shell jewellery. Antique jewellery, oxidized, silver and gold plated, stone- studded jewelries, beautifully cut glass jewellery are a craze among all ages.

Artificial jewellery is perfectly fit for all kinds of functions and can be worn with modern as well as traditional attire. It is available in ornamental patterns as well as in simple and sober designs. It is available from bangles, earrings and nose pins to armlets, necklaces, anklets and even stylish toe rings to match with every dress.

Artificial and fashionable jewellery attracts women of all ages. Artificial jewellery is also becoming very trendy due to its better quality and fine finishing. A wide range of artificial jewellery like necklace, bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings .are available in the market. It comes in multitude colors and designs and surely compliments the beauty of the wearer.

Precious jewels are associated with special occasions like weddings, engagements, parties, balls, ceremonies etc. The days of heavy chains, necklaces, bracelets, rings and the like are lost somewhere in the midst of modernity. The most economical form of jewelry items these days is artificial jewelry. It is more

Oct 04

Top Advice On How To Clean Swarovski Jewellery

When purchasing an expensive item of jewellery with Swarovski crystals, you want to think about how to protect them in the long term. This includes knowing how to clean Swarovski jewellery without causing any harm to the crystals or surrounding precious metal. Heres a few tips on how to get rid of dirt delicately and gently without harming the jewellery

Dirt and oil residue regularly build up on jewellery, eventually making them lose their original shine and glow. A regular clean will help avoid your jewellery from looking dull and uninspiring. Cleaning for Swarovski jewellery is actually quite easy, but you do need to be careful due to the delicate nature of crystals.

You can clean your jewellery simply by using a soft detergent (i.e. washing up liquid) with warm water. The water needs only to be luke warm as hot water damages jewellery permanently. Place in water and add the mild detergent to the surface of the jewellery, then use a soft brush or cloth to rub the detergent softly in. Then rise with warm water.

It is warned never to use commercial jewellery chemicals on Swarovski as they can cause extreme damage to the crystals. Regular jewellery cleaners usually have alcohol or ammonia in, which causes damage to the crystals, thus these are best avoided. Swarovski do sell their own commercial cleaning fluid, which is suitable for Swarovski crystal jewellery.

With Swarovski jewellery also look out for pearls, as these can be more cumbersome to clean. Unlike other crystals, pearls are easily damaged by water when exposed. The only way to clean pearls effectively is by buffing them with a soft cloth to make them shine. A good rule to go by, particularly with pearls, but is probably best with most jewellery, put

Oct 03

Things You Must Know in Buying a Diamond Ring

As we all know, many couples nowadays prefer to have a diamond wedding ring for their bond. They choose this kind of ring because diamond symbolizes unity of two persons and an everlasting love for each other. But, you must know several things when acquiring one. You must have a lot of knowledge about diamond ring so as not to be deceived.

It is not an easy task, as you may think, obtaining a diamond ring. You should know that diamond wedding ring can be purchased either in loose (only diamond stones) or in set (a ring with a diamond already). However, there are significant things you must consider before buying a ring. 1 – You should know the 4 C’s

The first thing you should identify is the 4 C’s in a diamond ring. It is very important that you have knowledge about these C’s (Carat, cut, color and clarity). Before purchasing a ring, you must already know what is vital for you, is it the size of the diamond or the clarity and cut of it? With this, you can easily select a ring that you yearn for. Just remember the meaning of the 4 C’s, carat – size of a diamond, cut – deep value of a diamond, color – existence or nonexistence of color in a diamond and clarity – the reflection within a diamond.

2 – You should know about the Certification

When you purchase a wedding diamond ring, it is very essential that you will ask the jeweler for the certification of the diamond. If the jeweler has proof of certification (have complete information with reference to the qualities) that his diamonds are real and 100% natural diamonds, then it is worth the money. So, only a written certification from

Oct 03

Add A Dash Of Contemporary Touch With Meenakari Jewellery And Kundan Jewellery

Women across the globe since immortal are jewelry obsessed and the craze is equal among men too. Jewelry is the most integral and inevitable part of the womens lifestyle since ages. Gone are the days of being subtle, simple today its about being bold, being glamorous and looking absolutely stylish. This season the trend of traditional designs have made a comeback and are the hot picks everywhere in the world. Meenakari Jewellery, and kundan jewellery have come back with an makeover this season and is the most preferred jewelry at present across the globe.

Meenakari Jewellery

Meenakari jewelry has enamel on it of different colors like red, blue, green, with designs on it. The cut the design everything is special about Meenakari and reflects Rajasthani style. Off late many designers are using their creativity with this jewelry and you can find this in various metals like black metal, gold, silver diamonds, platinum, etc.

So if you are budget constraint you can go for artificial or silver Meenakari jewelry which looks absolutely pretty and suits on any type of attire whether you wear ethnic or western outfits. One can find huge collection of Meenakari Jewellery to wear and even Temple jewellery online. Decorate your temple in home with colorful Meenakari temple jewelry like diyas, plates with Meenakari work, boxes, etc.

Kundan jewelry

Kundan jewelry is the most attractive jewelry that is always in vogue, this is used mostly in weddings, and other formal events. Kundans are gemstones that are embedded in jewelry to enhance the overall look of the jewelry. This type of kundan jewellery originated in Rajasthan but now is popular around the world. In this type of jelwery kundans of different shapes, colors sizes are found which gives a hue range of choice to the customers.


Sep 30

What Are Certified Diamonds

A certified diamond is a diamond that has been graded, tested and examined by a team of independent fully trained gemologists who then issue a Diamond certificate for that diamond.

A diamond certificate is a blueprint of a loose diamond that has been certified.

A diamond certificate can also be called a diamond grading report or diamond dossier. A diamond certificate documents the exact measurements and weight, as well as the details of proportion, symmetry, cut and quality. It precisely points out all the individual characteristics of the stone, inclusions and any flaws.

When shopping for loose diamonds it is extremely important that you buy a certified diamond. You can compare one certified diamond with a particular weight and quality with other stones of similar weight and quality to determine which certified loose diamond has the better value.

A diamond certificate allows you to make an informed choice when buying loose diamonds.

A certified diamond provides consumers with confidence, security and increases comfort levels while making a decision on which loose diamond to purchase. Before purchasing a loose diamond, you should expect to review a copy of its certificate, as this is your only guarantee of the quality and value of that diamond. Certified diamonds help provide consumer confidence.

A diamond certificate documents the characteristics of the diamonds quality; the colour, cut, clarity & carat weight which has been examined and verified by an independent company with no conflict of interest between buyer and seller.

The true test to evaluate a diamond is to view it in person and compare it with other diamonds. Nothing beats seeing a diamond in person to determine whether it is a ‘good’ diamond to your eye or not. Diamond appreciation is a very personal thing and different people will prefer different things about different diamonds. At the end of the day

Sep 28

Why Are Colored Diamonds Colored

For many engagement ring buyers, the preferred diamond color is white – indeed, the whiter, the better (and the pricier!). A pure white diamond, often known as blue-white and graded color ‘D’ is exceptionally hard to come by and these stones demand premium prices. As you move down the diamond color scale (and down the alphabet towards a grading of ‘Z’) the diamond becomes less white and tends towards pale yellow colors. These ‘tinted’ diamonds are considered to be of an inferior color and consequently fetch lower prices.

At a stage however, the yellow color in a diamond is so vivid and so intense that it crosses out of the traditional diamond color chart and is considered a ‘fancy’ colored diamond. Fancy colored diamonds are exceptionally rare and exceptionally valuable, commanding prices of 10’s and 100’s of thousands of dollars. But what causes colored diamonds? Why are some white and some not-so-white and some blue or pink or brown or red?

Quite simply, the color in diamonds is caused by chemical impurities or deformation of the diamond crystal structure. Ironic, when you consider that on the A-Z diamond color scale, less pure means less value!

Let’s start with white diamonds. Diamond is comprised almost entirely of the element Carbon and a pure blue-white diamond (graded color ‘D’) will contain no chemical impurities – it is a pure form of Carbon. However, the area of the earth where diamonds grow is essentially a chemical hot-pot, with many other elements waiting to be snapped up by minerals as they grow. One of the more common elements is Nitrogen and, when a diamond has a significant amount of Nitrogen in its structure, the diamond takes on a yellow color. The more nitrogen in the structure, the more yellow the diamond.

The presence of nitrogen can also impart

Sep 28

Guidelines For Selecting The Best Diamond Ring

Diamonds are available in various shapes such as round, marquise, heart, oval, pear, and princess. How a rough diamond crystal is cut not only determines its eventual shape, but sparkle as well. The greater the number of cuts, the more a diamond will sparkle, and the more durable it will be. When selecting a diamond ring, look at different cuts available as you will likely acquire a natural preference for one. If you want lots of sparkle for your ring, choose a diamond that has a brilliant cut. Such a diamond will reflect large amounts of light, making it even more beautiful. Other available cuts include a mixed cut and step cut. Step cut diamonds sparkle less compared to brilliant cut diamonds, but the cut highlights the clarity of the stone. A mixed cut is a combination of both step and brilliant cut.

There are seven different clarity ratings for diamond stones ranging from flawless to noticeable impurities or inclusions without magnification. The clarity of a diamond ring determines its quality and price. Those that are rated flawless are of high quality and have higher prices. When choosing a diamond ring, check if it has any foreign particles such as black spots or scratches trapped in it.

Color ratings of diamonds include colorless, faint color, noticeable color, and obvious color. Clear diamonds are more preferred, as they have greater sparkle due to the large amount of light that they reflect. The clearer the color, the greater the value of a diamond, and the higher the price.

Common metals for diamond rings include yellow or white gold, sterling silver, titanium, and platinum. Platinum is commonly found in engagement and eternity rings as it is resilient. Silver is not a common option for frequently worn rings as it is prone to tarnishing.

Sep 26

Diamond Cuts For The Diamond Engagement Ring

You’re looking at engagement rings because the time has come and you have made the decision to ask her to marry her. Over the course of your relationship she has no doubt made passing, if not direct, comments about what she likes in or about the engagement ring she wants on her finger.

Diamonds come in a variety of different shapes that are called cuts. So, in general terms the cut of a diamond can also be considered the shape of a diamond. However, more importantly than that, the cut of the diamond actually refers to the length, width and depth of the diamond.

The cut of the diamond is one of the most important aspects to attributing a value to a diamond and can sometimes account for up to one third or more of the diamonds appraisal. Most commonly the reason for this is because certain cuts waste more of the raw diamond in the cutting process. Thus, the diamonds that waste more, cost more.

In addition to the shape, different cuts will affect in different ways how the light passes through the diamond. In this way, how a diamond is cut will also determine its brilliance and sparkle.

Ten Common Diamond Cuts

Round Cut Diamonds:
The round cut diamond shape is without a doubt the most common cut in most diamond engagement rings today. A round-brilliant cut diamond is also the most brilliant diamond because of its 360-degree symmetrical shape. In addition, for centuries the round cut has been used by diamond cutters and is continually being refined to bring out more and more of a diamond fiery brilliance.

Princess Cut Diamonds:
The princess cut diamond is the most common non-round shaped diamond cut on the market today. This cut is considered a modern classic because of its very clean, square lines and dazzling

Sep 25

Best Quality Diamond Ring Settings Available At Royal Design

Atlanta, (GA) September 6th, 2010: From classic, to contemporary to vintage, Royal Design has offered diamond ring settings that suit each and every style. Our diamond settings allow you to best express you emotions and feelings to your lady love.

Some of our fine settings are mentioned below

14K White gold and diamond ring setting

This scintillating classic diamond setting is made of 14K White Gold, with side stones that are Round and Baguette shaped diamond of carat weight 1.29ct. It has a color grade H and clarity VS-SI. The ring is of Prong, channel setting and is available in sizes 5.5-7 and is also available in other sizes on special order.

Original Cost: $5,720.00
After Discount: $2,860.00

14K White gold and diamond ring setting

This designer contemporary diamond setting is an absolute stunner thats made of 14K White Gold. It has Princess shaped diamond as side stone with carat weight of 0.95ct. It has a color grade E-F and clarity grade VS. The setting type is Invisible and is available in sizes 5.5-7 and also in other sizes on special order.

Original Price: $2,880.00
After Discount: $1,440.00

14K Two tone gold and diamond setting

This mesmerizing vintage ring setting is made of 14K two tone gold and has round shaped diamond as side stone of carat weight 1.18ct. It has a color grade H and clarity SI. Its made of Pave setting type and is available in sizes 5.5-7 and also in other sizes on special order.

Original Price: $5,780.00
Discounted Price: $2,890.00

Royal Design online jewelry store has an exceptional collection of diamond jewelry that includes diamond pendants and necklaces, diamond rings, diamond earrings and so on.
So log on to website to checkout our latest collection available at 50% discount along with free

Sep 22

Buying a Natural Yellow Diamond or Natural Colored Diamond

Colored diamonds are fun!

Do you want a purple people eater diamond or a diamond from Mars? What about an Orange Crush, a Cotton Candy Pink or a Heart with the Blues? These aren’t official names from the GIA, but colored diamonds are so different than mainstream diamonds and each other, they deserve names. They have personality and pizzazz and those who own them typically do, too.

I want a canary

Canary is a bird. In the trade, no one calls yellow diamonds canaries. Although if you were to call up and ask for one, we’d know what you’re talking about. Since you will be a really super sophisticated colored diamond shopper after reading this helpful guide, you’ll have to drop the pedestrian term, “canary”. That diamond adjective is now officially “beneath” you. They are Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds. A yellow is Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond. You may repeat your new vocabulary words while I pause right here.

In the trade there are gradations of color like Y-Z Yellow or Vivid Yellow. Occasionally, I am moved to name one just because they are flat out fun to look at, play with and own. And they inspire me to break out of the mold and do a jig, sigh or just say “Holy Cow Batman.” Oh, we do use the Canary phrase on the website since that’s what consumers know.

What’s so different about buying colored diamonds?

A whole lot. If you thought buying a white diamond was complicated, the water gets even murkier with the colored diamonds. Not that we want murky colored diamonds. But that’s what this guide will help you sort out. It won’t make you an expert overnight but it will help you shop for and find a colored diamond you can love and one that fits your pocketbook. We will refer to

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