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A Diamond in the Rough – Diamond Grading

Diamonds – Diamond Jewellery

Diamond is the hardest mineral known to man. This, combined with its natural lustre, brilliant fire when polished and its rarity make it the most valuable of all gemstones.

Diamonds form under extremes of temperature and pressure at 50miles or more under the Earth’s surface. Originally, the main producers were India and Brazil but most of their diamonds came from secondary deposits such as river gravels after the diamonds had been bought to the surface by natural means.

Since the discovery of diamonds in the kimberlite rock in South Africa around 1870, diamonds have been mined much more extensively. Today, diamond mining involves processing huge quantities of rock.

Approximately 250 tons of kimberlite ore must be mined and processed to produce one carat of polished diamond of gem quality. This is partly why diamonds are so expensive, but this is only the start of the process by which the diamond becomes part of a piece of jewellery.

From the mine, the diamonds have to be sorted, cut and polished, adding value to the diamond along each stage of the process. Before these last processes, the rough diamond looks just like a pebble. It is the skill of the diamond cutters and polishers which unlocks the fiery beauty of the diamond.

The beauty of a diamond depends on the way it reflects and refracts light. The best cut stones reflect as much light out of the top of the stone as possible giving it the unmistakable fire and brilliance associated with the most beautiful gemstone on the planet.

Diamond Grading

Diamonds are graded by the four C’s; Carat, Cut, Colour and Clarity.

Carat Weight

In simple terms this is the physical weight of the diamond. A one carat diamond will weigh 0.2g. One must be careful however not to confuse carat weight with the size of the

Jun 20

The True Worth of a Diamond Ring

Is a diamond ring a good investment? Is it worth it when I buy one? Why are diamonds so expensive? These questions come to our mind when we want to buy a diamond ring.

Diamonds are costly to buy because they have features that attribute to its worth. These features manipulate the value and this is the reason why diamonds are pricey. If you want to buy a diamond ring, the worth depends on its qualities. The price of the diamond depends on the shapes, designs, cut, clarity, color and carat.

The shape of a diamond ring is one of causes why it is expensive. The most expensive shape is a round brilliant cut diamond since they are more in demand. Further, when cutting the diamond, it takes time to do it. Moreover, a round diamond is more well-liked than the other shapes.

If you want to have an excellent cut and a good sized diamond, then the worth of it will be high. Its glint and shine depends upon the its cut. When you see a diamond that do not glitter and does not catch your attention this is because these diamonds were poorly cut. An excellent cut can provide exquisiteness to it. Having a maximum brilliance and symmetry is what a diamond is made up.

In addition, when you purchase a diamond ring, the clarity also makes it highly valued. Having a diamond with high clarity grades are hard to find and as a result control a large amount of worth. Another thing also is that what makes a diamond more expensive is the carat and heaviness of it. If the diamond is heavy, then its cost is also steep. You should know that they cut diamonds carefully so as not to remove much

Jun 20

Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Jewelry – Internet Vs. Retail

Retail Jewelry Stores

A common belief is that all jewelers are out to get you and that you’re going to pay too much for a diamond or engagement ring. This is true for all industries and businesses, not just the jewelry industry. There are good businesses and there are not so good businesses. There’s always a chance to pay more than you have to when buying a car, electronics, jewelry, or whatever. The key is to do your homework and find a jewelry store that you know is creditable, sometimes a referral from a friend is the best place to start. Now its true that most jewelry store prices will start off listing higher than many of the on-line businesses, but you have to consider all things. Who will size your ring when it needs to be done? How much will it cost when you have it done? How long will you be without your ring? There is a huge amount of convenience when buying local because many jewelers do all their work in-house. This means no waiting and sometimes you can actually have your ring sized or altered on the spot. Imagine proposing to your girlfriend and then telling her she has to wait 2-3 weeks before wearing it because it has to be shipped back to the on-line jeweler for sizing!

Other benefits are the warranties that come along with the purchase from a local jeweler. I had a customer come to our retail showroom not too long ago with a ring he bought from Bluenile. He brought his fiance in to be fit for the ring and we sized the ring for $75.00. 2 weeks later she came back and said that she chose to have the ring sized too small and needed to be sized again. Another $75.00!

Jun 19

Celebrate Your Special Day By Gifting Her A Dazzling Diamond Ring

The marriage anniversary is coming and you are thinking of a gift for your partner? Why not choose something more special, more defined, and more extraordinary that mesmerizes her with great surprise Yes, I am talking about DIAMONDS, a Diamond Ring. They are so appealing and symmetrical. Women are spellbound and fascinated with diamonds which could last forever. They swoon over them. So, a diamond ring could be truly unique choice for this anniversary Celebration.

However, with so many eternity rings available at several retailers and websites, confusion may arise over what really makes to constitute with the value and what designs are available. Evaluating and cutting corners in price is not an option while purchasing a diamond ring. To show exactly what makes to choose a great diamond ring, this article has been complied by some of the best hints and tips.

Eternity Diamond Rings

They are especially made for the anniversary celebration and symbolize the eternal love. Designed with yellow gold, white gold, or platinum, they are usually set with diamonds. To choose a classic diamond eternity ring, consider it has a half or full circle of diamonds on a band of precious metal. A ring with full set stones around the shank is considered the full eternity ring. Also, you can make your ring instantly more luxurious. Select one that has larger diamonds set into it. The eternity rings built with diamonds and birthstone or other valuable crystals are also popular.

Solitaire Diamond Rings

Though, array of designs and styles are available in the market, the Diamond solitaire rings are the ever popular and soon partner will stick with it. Solitaire means just one, when it is considered with rings, only one diamond is set in it without any embellishment to it. The ring is a band

Jun 19

Insuring The Most Critical Diamond Ring

If you lately received engaged and you are interested in securing your sentimental and economic investment, you want engagement ring insurance. Ahead of you commit your income, nonetheless, you ought to comprehend these elements. You need to have to comprehend the expense of this coverage, where to obtain it, and what to glimpse for in the coverage.

The Expense Of Diamond Ring Insurance policy/p>

Insurance policy premiums differ depending on your area, state and town. Regions with larger crime rates will have increased ring insurance premiums. And even with all this information even, various businesses will charge various premiums.

One particular continual, even so, will be centered on your engagement ring’s appeal. So if you are critical about insuring your ring, you are going to want an appraisal. You really should also discover the basics of diamond grading so you know if your appraiser has been fair and exact. For the most portion, insurance policy for engagement jewelry will be about one to 2 percent of the appeal or volume of protection of that appeal you seek.

Where to Discover Diamond Ring Insurance coverage

The initial spot to commence is your homeowner’s insurance. Several folks locate many instances where this is each the easiest and least costly way to get insurance plan for your new ring. Nonetheless, this adds a rider to your house insurance coverage and typically occasions homeowner’s insurance does not give the exact same degree of protection you would get through a specialty insurer.

If you individual a especially beneficial piece of jewelry and you want to make certain it is completely covered in all conditions, you will almost certainly want to go with a company that specializes in ring insurance.

Be Particular You Get What You Assume

1 problem men and women encounter is that they do not understand their program, then when tragedy

Jun 18

Perfect Black Onyx Jewellery

Unlike many colours, Black has many psychological connotations, and not all of them are positive. The colour Black is often associated with demure and sad occasions as it is traditionally used in mourning, graduation or teaching. This colour is often worn by certain sects or religions ranging from Hell’s Angels, bike riders who historically have had an intimidating background, to Goths or religious monks and nuns.

However, historically Black has also been used as the colour of choice for smart, chick and elegant occasions such as evening dresses and a whole era of design in Art Deco or Rennie Mackintosh. Black was the colour of the end of the twentieth century and it’s popularity goes from strength to strength. Designers such as Helmut Lang, Tom Ford at Gucci, Calvin Klein and Nicole Farhi have black at the heart of their collections.

Whatever the associations or fashions, no one will deny this colour can look impressive. In fact, Black is not a colour as it is the absence of colour, and perhaps it is this that makes it so versatile and so easy to combine with other colours. In Jewellery, like in fashion, black can an excellent platform for impact pieces.

Black Onyx is by far and away the most frequent gem used for this colour. Onyx comes in a large variety of colours by Black is the favourite as it gives it a unique lustre and shine, and can be shaped into almost any shape and size. In Sundari we recognise the beauty of this colour and gem and have a wide selection of pieces to suit all your needs and occasions. Above all, In Sundari we believe in simplicity and elegance and Black Onyx is an excellent vehicle to show it. Visit us in www.Sundarijewellery.co.uk and

Jun 17

The Most Innovative Fashion In Jewellery

The price of a jewel can vary depending on plenty of components, such as materials, brand name, size and, of course, what gems have been used to brighten it.
Previously men were sceptical about jewellery because they were afraid it might have call their virility into question, whereas today, thanks to visionary style designers who add tons of jewels and accessories to their mens collections, silver chains, stainless steel bracelets and even diamond earrings are very much appreciated amongst men.

However, whereas a man might consider a jewel as something additional and superfluous, women are positive to take a look at jewellery in a distinct way. Preserving not one, not two, however many necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings in their jewel box is more of a pleasure to them: it is an precise necessity.

A lady wants jewels to complement and personalise her daily look, no matter what she”s wearing. A simple black dress won”t be so simple anymore with a beautiful amethyst pendant emphasising the lady”s neckline.

Find Jewellery is a Hampshire-based mostly company that boasts a powerful online presence. It provides its customers many stunning collections of fancy, trendy and elegant jewelry that comes not solely in gold and silver, but additionally in different materials equivalent to aluminium, ceramic, twine, wood, platinum, leather, resin and stainless-steel, which are obviously most popular by those who seek for inexpensive, but distinctive jewels.

Find Jewellery, in reality, permits its costumers to seek for jewellery by worth, category, materials, style, color, brand and shape, so that it won”t take them ages to find the type of jewel they were trying for.

Moreover, the website showcases many innovative collections that you just won”t find in stores on the market, corresponding to the colorful Hazel Atkinson line, including many massive, chunky, originally patterned

Jun 14

Man Made Diamonds – A Buyer’s Guide

It seems nearly impossible to watch TV or open a newspaper without seeing something about man-made diamonds. For hundreds of years science has tried to create a perfect synthetic diamond. Finally, 21st-century technology has made that prospect a reality.

There are many reasons to purchase synthetic diamonds instead of the mined variety. The prices charged for mined diamonds are, in the very best verbiage, an illusion. To put it more bluntly, Cecil Adams, in his award-winning newspaper column “The Straight Dope” says: “Diamonds are a con, pure and simple.” Diamond prices are largely controlled by the DeBeers diamond cartel, and they are not a fair reflection of diamond scarcity. Additionally, studies show that one out of three diamonds sold in the US today has been altered to artificially increase its value. Further studies have shown that on average a couple pays 40% too much for their diamond engagement ring.

Beyond deceptive pricing, there are the issues of “blood diamonds”, forced child labor, and a myriad of other disturbing diamond facts.

Recently, socially conscious celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Minnie Driver, and Angelina Jolie have made a vocal issue of wearing only synthetic diamonds to the many gala events they attend.

Good synthetic diamonds are virtually indistinguishable from the mined variety, but without the baggage, and additionally, they cost thousands of dollars less. But, which synthetic diamond is the best choice?

There are many types of man-made or synthetic diamonds available. The choices are numerous, but unbiased information is scarce. Here is an overview and comparison of the synthetic diamonds currently unavailable on the market:

Cubic Zirconia

The grandfather of simulated diamonds, Zircons are available widely. In their best examples, CZ’s are actually a fairly decent diamond replica. Unfortunately, the commodity-like availability and vast differences in quality have made the stone synonymous with low-cost fashion jewelry. Perhaps a

Jun 12

Diamond Jewellery The Best Way of Portraying Your Love

Diamonds have always been adored for ages. This precious stone epitomizes love and affection. The stone possesses dual features of beauty and durability. These stones add elegance to your look. A chic pendant of this precious stone can easily give you a classic look. They are usually expensive. They usually are used in special occasion. The cost of it explains the worth of the person to whom it is presented.

What are its different types?/b>

Many types of diamonds are available. Along with the white sparkling ones, now they come in vibrant colours. This elegant sparkling stone reflects your emotion towards your loved one. The pink, blue, red are ones the most demanded. They can reflect your deep love for your beloved. The most popular ornaments are the engagement or wedding rings, ear-rings and pendants. You can hardly think of proposing your loved one without gifting a diamond ring.

How to choose the best one for your beloved?

There are several varieties of diamond jewellery available in the market. You might get confused while choosing. There is also a possibility of acquiring the fake one. Buy it from a reputed dealer. They are very expensive products. So you can’t be careless. Select a dealer who has been in this field for many years. Look for some authentic symbols like trademark or holograms. This proves genuineness. Non-experts find it very difficult to tell a fake from an original stone.

Where will you find them?

You can go physically to a store and choose your product. Online purchases are ideal because you don’t go out to make your purchase. There are many websites advertising their collections of diamond jewellery. You can browse through them and make a selection.

Consider the transportation cost:

If you make the purchase online,

Jun 11

Precautions For Using Pilgrim Jewellery

Madonna was the first who started this business. It was her idea to turn O-rings into wristbands. This ring was earlier used in plumbing trade. Some people realized about the new trend which Madonna going to introduced so her friends started working on this new trend to support success.

Pilgrim jewellery is easily recognized in different jewelries, not only for the affordability, but also due to its unique designs, combinations and changing trends of fashion as well. Pilgrim sends two collections every season in the market, one small and one large. Mostly they are designed for females but due to the increasing demand for males, pilgrim jewellery is also available for men. All of these designs are hand drawn by Annemette Markvad and her sister-in-law Birthe Markvad. Birthe was actually a school teacher and stepped in to help Pilgrim out for a short time but she has proved herself a perfect designer as well.

Like many other fashion jewellery, Pilgrim jewellery is also primarily crafted from tin, brass and copper. Then later on pieces are platted with gold and silver. Most of the pieces of pilgrim jewellery contain Swarovski crystals, pearls and beads. Beside these semiprecious metals like opal, amethyst and amazonite are also used.

Pilgrim jewellery is very vast, now-a-days, that it covers all items of the jewellery i.e. from studs to toe rings. It is suitable for the people belonging from any age group. Beside women jewellery, men jewellery is also available now-a-days. For younger girls, it is always a perfect choice because it is not as expensive as the real precious metal jewellery and younger girls can be prone to loose jewellery. By using this they have a different jewellery to wear with complete safety.

But for using jewellery lifelong, you have to maintain it

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