Jun 25

How To Tell If Gold Necklace Jewellery Is Genuine

You don’t need to go to a jeweler to determine if your gold necklace jewellery is genuine or not. All you need is a magnifying glass or jeweler’s loupe and your gold necklace jewellery. When you buy any jewelry, it is always good to know if it is fake or not. So, here are a few tips you can follow to identify genuine jewelry:

1. Gather the gold necklace jewellery that you want to identify whether they are fake gold or not. Prepare a magnifying glass or a jeweler’s loupe and examine each necklace closely.

2. Locate the karat markings on your gold necklace jewellery. Necklaces made out of gold have markings that represent purity. These are called karat markings. Read the markings. Here are the karat markings that indicate the purity of your gold necklace jewellery:

24K: Pure gold 18K: About 75% gold 14K: About 59% gold 10K: About 42% gold

3. Locate a well lit area and look at your gold necklace jewellery near the clasp and look for a small metal tag. The tag should either be oval or rectangular and have the same gold color as the necklace chain and clasp. With a magnifying glass or loupe, look at both sides of the tag carefully. It will have the gold’s karat marking. The mark may be 10K, 14K, 18K, 24K or a decimal, such as .750 to indicate 75% or 18K.

4. On the tag, if the marks EP or GP can be found, the necklace is plated, meaning the necklace is not solid gold but merely plated with gold over another metal to reduce cost.

5. If you cannot find a marking, another way to tell if a necklace is fake gold is if the gold tarnishes. Look to see if the necklace has tarnished. If the gold appears dull and silver in color, that means it has tarnished and is fake. Real gold does not tarnish and plated gold necklaces can also chip or flake. They can tarnish with time.

6. If you want to make sure that your gold necklace jewelry is genuine, the last resort is to take it to a jeweler. The jeweler will then do an acid test to determine the gold content.


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