Mar 28

How To Take Care Of Your Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery is often a mix of another metal with silver, because silver in its pure form is too soft. Because of this mixture silver jewellery often succumbs to the elements and can get tarnished. It is a thin layer of corrosion that forms on silver, aluminum, and other similar metals. This is visually unappealing because it makes jewellery look patchy.

However, with the right kind of care and cleaning, your silver jewellery will look its best for a long time. Some handy tips you can use to clean and maintain your jewellery are listed out below.

Taking Care of Your Silver Jewellery

1. Even though there are many products on the market available for cleaning silver jewellery, tarnished pieces of jewellery can be easily cleaned by washing it with warm water with a mild dishwashing liquid mixed in it. If this is done often, the chances of your jewellery developing dark tarnishes are very slim.

2. Silver jewellery that has pearls or gemstones that are soft in nature should not be immersed in water. This can damage the polish of the stone, or can erode it. Using a moist cotton swab or a cotton cloth dipped in diluted dishwashing liquid soap and wiping your silver jewellery with it is very useful. After this, wipe the jewellery with a damp cotton swab to get rid of the soap.

3. If the silver jewellery does not have soft gemstones or pearls, it is safe to immerse the jewellery in water mixed with liquid dishwashing soap and rub it gently with your fingers or cotton swabs. A baby toothbrush with soft bristles can be used for more rigorous cleaning. After washing the Sterling silver jewellery, you should rinse the piece thoroughly with warm water. After this, make sure you dry it properly with a cotton cloth.

4. Make sure the jewellery dries completely by laying it out on a flat surface and letting it air dry. Moisture can often speed up the process of tarnishing as well, so make sure that it is completely dry before storing it.

5. Even after youve cleaned your jewellery thoroughly, if it continues to look dull, polish it with a jewellery polishing cloth that is non-abrasive. Rub it in straight lines to avoid forming patterns over it. Store the jewellery in a dry place. Wrap it in non-abrasive cloth and put them in bags that can have some of the air in them removed.


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