Apr 19

How To Enhance The Size Of Your Diamond Ring

The carat of a diamond ring says a lot about the value of the item. The higher the carat, the highly priced the diamond is. Also, people, will be more enticed to look at your gem if it contains bigger and more lustrous stones. For investors, a bigger carat will also mean higher return of investment. But at times, limitations on our budget will just let us settle for diamonds with a smaller carat. However there are some tricks that you can apply so that you can enhance the size and quality of the diamond on your diamond ring and make it appear larger, brighter, and more attractive. Here are the settings that will be of help in achieving this.

Consider pave setting

There are diamond ring settings that will only limit the size of the diamond based on what is present on the ring. A certain setting however, the pave setting, gives an illusion that the small diamonds connected to each other are actually big. When light strikes each smaller stones, an image of a bigger diamond are created thus your ring appears to contain a larger diamond stone. The interconnectedness of the each smaller stone allows penetration of light and reflection of the same in the stone in between resulting to enhanced and larger image. The stones then would appear big despite their diminutive size.


Aside from the pave setting, another means to enlarge the appearance of your diamond is through complementation of the ring design and shape with its setting. For example, the bezel setting, raises the diamond upward thus giving you an impression that the stone is actually large. Here, a rim encircles the original stone and carries it quite higher than its supposed normal position. In effect, the diamond looks expansive and brighter as well. Invisible settings is also another option where in something is placed beneath the diamond such that it appears to be floating.

Matching Illusion with Size

If other options do not work perfectly for you, try the illusion setting. It makes use of a mirror added to the setting such that it will reflect light to the diamond making it appear big and shinier. The mirror is inputted within the setting so that once the diamond is placed atop the setting, the mirror will enhance the size of the stone by allowing light to pass through the stone in almost all angles. Now you have a greater diamond ring!


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