Oct 29

How To Buy A Diamond Ring – What You Need To Know To Buy The Best Ring Possible

Just think about it; there are tons and tons of guys (and some gals) out there stressing over how to buy a diamond ring. There are just so many different things to look for and we really have no idea what to do! All we really know is a rough guesstimate at how much money we would like to spend.

And even there we still fall short! Most people, both men and women, are prettyobsessedwith size; we think a bigger carat ring is always better. The only reason we tend to think this way is because that’s all we really know about quantifying a diamond. .

The truth is that diamonds are measured in several different aspects besides size. These are known as the 4C’s:





We all know carat size, but what about the other 3 for how to buy a diamond ring? Color simply measures how much yellow a diamond has, ranging from D which is colorless all the way to Z which is a yellow, fancy diamond. A huge money saver for us is finding a nice color rated diamond that still looks white; typically, anything in the F-H range will look plenty white to our eyes.

Clarity measures how many imperfections there are inside of the diamond, ranging from a F or Flawless to an I or Included. But you don’t need a flawless diamond; most imperfections are impossible to see unless you magnify them so you can save money by buying a diamond with some inclusions that your sweetheart won’t notice.

Lastly is cut and cut is thegranddaddyof them all. Cut simply measures how beautiful, bright and sparkly a diamond is and has nothing to do with the shape such as round cut, princess cut, etc. Never skimp on cut when purchasing a diamond because a well cut, smaller diamond will always look better than a poorly cut, larger diamond.

By shopping for Cut, Clarity and Color, you’ll find a price range of carats that you can afford. Always shop for carat weight last to ensure getting the best diamond possible.

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