Jul 24

How To Buy A Diamond Ring

How to Buy a Diamond Ring: Step by step

Toronto has many jewelry shops ready to cater to a gentleman asking that special someone to spend the rest of their lives together, and in Toronto, there are many places that will educate you on what to buy:

1. Learn as much as you can about diamonds – The easiest way is to spend a few minutes reading our diamond tutorial and our ring tutorial — we feature the most comprehensive and unbiased treatment of diamonds and rings available on the web, and we constantly update it to reflect new trends and information. Toronto has its fakes and credited stores, you will learn about the 4 “C’s”, how to detect fakes, how to judge cuts, what questions to ask your jeweler, how to select a setting, and lots of other important topics. An informed consumer is a smart consumer. Invest the time and do your research, and you will get the best diamond ring for your money.

2. Don’t forget about Internet jewelers – The Internet is quickly becoming a popular way to purchase diamonds visit www.TorontoWeddingServices.com for information on engagement ring places in Toronto.

3. Ask questions! – Members of the jewelry industry as well as other consumers regularly monitor the industry. You will usually have several answers back within a few hours from a wide variety of individuals — from industry experts, to fellow consumers.

4. Learn the price of diamonds – Once you’ve narrowed down your selection and you’ve selected a jeweler, the last remaining task is to negotiate the best possible price. Just like you wouldn’t purchase an automobile without knowing its factory-invoice cost (from such sources as Consumer Reports* or BlueBook*), you should not purchase a diamond based solely on the jeweler’s stated price. Be sure to visit www.torontoweddingservices.com engagement ring page.

5. Buy it! – During this process, be sure to reference our negotiation tips. And after the purchase, come back to our site for information on care & cleaning.


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