Jan 18

Handmade Designer Jewellery An Art

The business of making unique handcrafted jewellery has become very lucrative for the jewellery makers that are talented. Most people are seeking jewellery that is unique, unusual and something that no one else will own. Unique handmade designer jewellery is an art in itself. It is beautiful jewellery and is different from the mass marketed jewellery that is made by machines and is sold to stores around the world. There are factories in China who make millions of pieces of jewellery that is sold to stores everywhere. So, it is very appealing to find something new and fresh in unique handcrafted jewellery.

A jewellery artist who starts a business out of his home is very smart. He can publicize his product on the internet and keep a very low overhead. He can keep his operating expense down and focus on his unique handcrafted jewellery. Once his jewellery has become known, he can raise his prices and market to select jewellery stores. His unique handcrafted jewellery can always be found by new and old customers in these select jewellery shops. Unique handcrafted jewellery is a very lucrative business for these specialty jewellery makers. They have a feel for what people are concerned in seeing and they begin their own fashion setting jewellery styles. These artisans have a capability for knowing which stones fit specific designs and metals. An artisan who makes unique handmade designer jewellery is very talented. This jewellery becomes a piece of art to the owner. It can also be sold as a piece of art and makes the designer a very rich person if they know how to market themselves.

Indian Jewellery
The different Indian reservations have formed companies to help regulate and sell their unique handcrafted Indian jewellery. This has become quite a big business in the Southwest. The companies contract to specific Native American art stores and have made quite a bit of money for the reservations. Most people that travel on the road and stop at these tourist centers dont care who made the jewellery, as long as it is Indian jewellery and it is pretty jewellery. Other Indian artisans have contracted with small shops in the Southwest and have become more exclusive in their designs. This unique handcrafted jewellery is absolutely beautiful jewellery. It becomes handcrafted designer jewellery and people will come from all areas to a specific shop to buy this artists jewellery. The unique handcrafted jewellery business is a very specific type of business and has made millionaires out of many of its artists.


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