Apr 17

Gold Jewellery – Effects Of Daily Wearing Of Gold Jewellery

Gold is a soft metal and can be altered and mixed with other metals to make the beautiful jewellery items using the different tools. It is used to make different items like jewellery, ornaments and dishes. When gold is polished it gives a shine that pleases everyone who glance it. That is why it is always priced high. Only the shine of pure gold is liked and loved by all because when it is mixed with other metals to make strong and long lasting it may lose its shine and becomes a bit dull.

If you wear gold jewellery on daily basis then it may lose its shine and become dull and dirty. Gold is a malleable metal thats why it is mixed with other metals like copper and nickel, which ensures that it will keep its shape longer and better. Usually, when gold is mixed with other metals having different colors than gold, it may lose its original color.

To start cleaning you need a toothbrush, liquid detergent, a bowl. First mix the detergent in the warm water then dip the brush in that soapy water. Then gently scrub the piece with brush and clean it from every corner. Then rinse the piece twice or thrice and clean the cream of soap with hands in to the water. Then take a soft cloth and dry it. Remember that rough cloth can scratch the surface. This whole action will remove the grime or dirt that may build up by normal wearing.

If the gold jewellery contains thick layer of dirt and you are failed to clean it with mentioned method then make a necessary solution that contains one part of ammonia with six parts of water. Then soak the jewellery piece for three minutes at least, which will loosen the grime that will be easy to brush away. Then rinse it. To give it shine, buff it with a dry cloth.

While avoiding few things jewellery can last long and you can enjoy it for a long time. Avoid wearing jewellery when using chemicals like bleach. Some chemicals can badly damage the gold like the chemical used to wash bathrooms. These chemicals can affect the natural sheen of the gold. Even skin chemicals like lotions, nail polishes, thinner, hair dyes etc may be destructive.

You should also avoid wearing of other hard metals with gold jewellery like the silver or diamond jewellery as these may cause scratches on the surface. After wearing the jewellery keep it on its original place because if you will leave it somewhere else it can be lost. Also not leave it on the edge of the sink while washing your hand and face because it can drain down. By considering all these points you can extend your jewellery life and can enjoy it for a long time.


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