Aug 22

Get A Truly Dazzling Radiant Cut Diamond Ring To Impress Your Beloved

Diamond is one of the most popular gemstones for an engagement ring. Nowadays various online dealers are available that offer a wide array of certified loose diamonds in various cuts and shapes including round cut diamond, princess cut, radiant cut, emerald cut, oval cut, pear cut, heart shaped and marquise cut diamonds. Round shaped is the most classic cut and it is popular for all types of diamond jewelry. Princess cut usually has a square or rectangular cut and has 74 facets that give a brilliant sparkle. Radiant diamonds have straight vertexes and cut corners. Emerald cut is usually rectangular and the external sides having different shapes.

Marquise cut diamond has 56 facets that give an elegant and soothing touch to jewelry. Online dealers offer exclusive collections diamond jewelry including bracelets, bangles, earrings, studs, watches and other beautiful accessories. If you take 3-4 loose diamonds simultaneously, the dealer also offer discounts on it. There are lots of advantages of buying loose diamonds that you can check the gemstone properly, order for your customized jewelry and it is cost-effective as well. Oval cut diamonds come in varieties of length to width ratios and you can get the gemstone that is very tall and narrow or almost circular in shape.

Diamond cut and shape is the important decision when you pick the right diamond for your customized ring. These rings are something that you cherish for the rest of your life, so you should make sure that the wedding set or engagement ring is the perfect one for you. Oval cut diamonds have the similar brilliance like round cut diamond. However, the elongated shape is mostly preferred by the women having small hand or short fingers. Oval cut diamond rings are quite popular these days for engagements, birthdays, Valentines Day and anniversaries. An oval cut diamond has rectangular facets that make the jewelry look more beautiful.

Moreover, Radiant cut diamonds are quite popular for jewelry as having a distinctive cross pattern form. When the light passes through this gemstone, it gives a marvelous sparkle and shine. It looks like a round brilliant cut and emphasizes the natural clarity of a diamond. Radiant cut diamonds also hide the natural flaws to the greatest possible extent. This diamond cut looks beautiful even with lower certification grades. Its radiance is uniquely amazing in jewelry and loose diamonds both. It gives a fiery look to the centerpiece in jewelry settings. You can see the distinctive diagonal cross pattern in certain areas of gemstones. It looks truly beautiful and attractive with all types of jewelry. So, say I love you to your beloved with fascinating diamond jewelry.


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