Dec 24

Engraved jewellery box

For a special birthday or other occasion, gift givers will be wanting to go for one of a kind present which shows their friend or relative just how important they are.

Here at Engrave Me A Gift, we stock a wide range of beautiful gift items and one of our most popular presents is our engraved jewellery box, which makes an ideal present for all sorts of people. Many people opt for our engraved jewellery box for their wife or girlfriend, but it is also a great idea for a newborn baby girl and can become a precious trinket over her life.

Our stunning and decorative engraved jewellery box is made from top quality materials, and can be engraved and personalised with any name or special message. This makes our engraved jewellery box a great idea for an 18th or 21st birthday celebration, or a special wedding anniversary where a unique gift is the order of the day.

Here at Engrave Me A Gift, we recommend that those buying our engraved jewellery box go for three engraved lines of 18 characters, but the choice is down to our customers.

To make sure that items stored in this engraved jewellery box are kept in the best condition possible, all of our engraved jewellery box buys are lined with a lush velvet material to ensure precious jewellery does not become knocked or damaged.

We are passionate about the quality of all of our engraved jewellery box products and other stock, and we only employ engravers with the very best skills available. All of our engraved jewellery box options use cutting edge engraving technology and equipment to get the best possible result, and this sets our engraved jewellery box apart from the crowd.

If you think that one of our lovely engraved jewellery box items could be the perfect buy for your wife, girlfriend, daughter or another special friend or relative, then get in touch with us today and tell us what engraving you would like on your engraved jewellery box.

Our professional and friendly engraved jewellery box team are waiting to take your call.

An engraved jewellery box can make a personalised and unique gift for a loved one and at engravemeagift.co.uk you can choose a perfect box to show how much you care. Visit us today for more information!


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