May 17

Diamond Ring Stores – Some Quick Tips.

Diamond ring stores – which store is the question.

The first question is, should you buy your diamond ring online or offline?

Well here’s why I think online might be your best option. First the price; chances are, you will pay less money by buying your diamond ring online.

Why? Well think about it. If you buy your diamond ring at a local jewelry store, the jeweler has to pay for the real estate, the taxes, and the advertisement. Now the same jeweler – let’s imagine he has an online store – he doesn’t have to pay for real estate, the taxes are way down, and the advertisement online is cheaper.

So the price is one thing. The second thing, if you buy offline, chances are you will be harassed by the sales people in the jewelry store making you feel cheap because you haven’t invested, you know, thousands and thousands of dollars in your first diamond ring. So it can be unpleasant.

Third reason; the choice. If you buy at your local jewelry store, well basically the choices are what’s there – right? But if you go online, the choices are virtually limitless.

The other question is how do you make sure that you don’t get scammed if you buy your diamond ring online?

Well, here are three quick tips.

Number one; make sure that the website or the company has a return policy so that if you buy the diamond ring and you don’t like the way it looks or it’s not what you want, you can simply put it back in the box and send it back to the company and get your money back. So make sure it has a good return policy and you read the fine print.

Second thing is, make sure you know the basics of buying a diamond ring – what we call the four C’s which is basically the color – the more white the diamond the more value it has, the cut, the clarity – the less imperfections it has the more value the diamond ring will have, and the carats. The carat is basically the weight of the diamond. So make sure you know a little bit about this to make sure that you don’t get scammed.

The third tip I can give you is shop around. These days on the internet, you can enter the name of the website you’d like to use to buy your diamond ring and look at the different comments that the other internet users have left for you. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them.


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