May 10

Details You Want To Know About Blue Diamond Rings

Diamond Ring is one of the most desirable, exorable, fabulous and precious jewelry one can ever have. It is such an important symbol that the focus point of most memorable movie “The Titanic” is blue diamond necklace, which is called the heart of the Ocean. Today, they are among the most luxurious and popular gemstone jewelry.

A mine slave found the rarest blue diamond in 1698. Later on, it was bought by Thomas Pitt who was the grandson of William Pitt by whom Pennsylvania was found. That diamond was colorless with lean blue ting and was sent to England for it’s cutting thus result in excellent cut stone, 140-carat rich diamond which was bought by the Duke of Orleans in 1717 later on and renamed the diamond after his name. French royal family members and Bonaparte of Napoleon used it. Today in Louver Museum, it is the French Royal Treasury.

It is a universal fact that diamond rings are so rare and expensive that usually people cannot afford it for a single second. They are far higher in cost as compared to other colorless diamonds but blue diamond really means a precious jewelry. They are only used by royals, kings, queens and other members of princes.

The symbol of diamond ring is The Hope Diamond. Usually, it is set in platinum or in white gold but blue diamond also becomes invaluable and striking in appearance in yellow gold as well. In styles, there are many famous like solitaire, a triangle cut, a step cut and with 58 facets. In 58 facets style, it will give a diamond most glimmering and sparkling looks when anyone will wear it in the ring. They are mostly liked and worn by princess and duchess. Today blue diamond rings, which are available, are often treated or enhanced.


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