Jul 14

Concerning the origins of wedding diamond ring.

Some time immemorial record of diamond is full of an unimaginable and romantic color: Because of the diamond, rare and extraordinary, people think, she is a star to fall in fragment be the left side; In addition, it is seen as being the teardrop of absolute being on the crystal of land. Word with English, in the diamond” diamond”, French artificial” inset manufactured diamond of”, German artificial” Diamant”, Russia artificial” Almaz”, they wholesale jewelry ” adamas” in the Greece in time immemorial, meaning are not able to overcome. Being a diamond is pure, brightness, and difficult and special characteristic, make it becomes a sign that the abyss of their time loves. Pass by, people feel that the arrows that Cupid Cupid loves top makes use of diamond to help make into, therefore she becomes to conquer by the loving conquest strength. The diamond considers as the trophy token with love the first-time ring, the story took place in 1477, the mark of Austria, France west rice even, for any sake of good to princess Mary’s love, because Mary is too beautiful and with pursuing of many people, have got never arrived her love, the mark is western rice even even many advisers call for providing advice and suggestion, it is finally suggested the love that will can get her of that the diamond ring symbolizes eternal really like, is getting more wholesale jewelry, wear a diamond ring in the princess’ finger. Soon afterward, drive used for the mark that links phrase this method west the rice connect, really effective, be he put a diamond ring symbol love and little by little on the left ring finger up wear, be princess Mary, princess Mary promises. The tradition that started the promise diamond wedding band gift from people. At the same time, why be insisted the diamond promise been worn on the left give ring, but also wear on the wholesale jewelry? Thinking this is because the believing of Christ of the style big event of Christian person, the touch of new left side ruled over a wedding ring and control pastor’s sequence, and also say, “Bong-father, the spirit of son and sacred is life, ” and finally land the first four fingers of which consistently uses a left hands, thus arouse this tradition. ” The diamond has permanent wave the far, diamond is usually forever” has already broadly been accepted. For several centuries, diamond with indestructible the variety loving this life have been uniting plait to express the love health of their diamonds as people of the best gift.

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