Jun 19

Celebrate Your Special Day By Gifting Her A Dazzling Diamond Ring

The marriage anniversary is coming and you are thinking of a gift for your partner? Why not choose something more special, more defined, and more extraordinary that mesmerizes her with great surprise Yes, I am talking about DIAMONDS, a Diamond Ring. They are so appealing and symmetrical. Women are spellbound and fascinated with diamonds which could last forever. They swoon over them. So, a diamond ring could be truly unique choice for this anniversary Celebration.

However, with so many eternity rings available at several retailers and websites, confusion may arise over what really makes to constitute with the value and what designs are available. Evaluating and cutting corners in price is not an option while purchasing a diamond ring. To show exactly what makes to choose a great diamond ring, this article has been complied by some of the best hints and tips.

Eternity Diamond Rings

They are especially made for the anniversary celebration and symbolize the eternal love. Designed with yellow gold, white gold, or platinum, they are usually set with diamonds. To choose a classic diamond eternity ring, consider it has a half or full circle of diamonds on a band of precious metal. A ring with full set stones around the shank is considered the full eternity ring. Also, you can make your ring instantly more luxurious. Select one that has larger diamonds set into it. The eternity rings built with diamonds and birthstone or other valuable crystals are also popular.

Solitaire Diamond Rings

Though, array of designs and styles are available in the market, the Diamond solitaire rings are the ever popular and soon partner will stick with it. Solitaire means just one, when it is considered with rings, only one diamond is set in it without any embellishment to it. The ring is a band of precious metal like yellow gold, white gold, or platinum, with a single diamond held in a clasp. It symbolizes your everlasting unique love.

Cluster Diamond Rings

It is traditional rings, featured with a selection of diamonds gathered together which add excellence to the one big dazzling stone. A classic diamond cluster ring, peripherally comes with a principal oval old European cut diamond, which weighs 0.92ct. It is surrounded by eight other diamonds and one fine diamond. The cluster ring is a dazzling and attractive option that makes the wearer feel proud in the crowd.

Three Stone Or Trilogy Diamond Rings

Three-stone diamond rings are superb choice to gift your partner on the marriage anniversary day. Three dazzling diamonds set in it are the symbols of past, present and future. It is also known as a Trilogy ring. The rings represent truly impressive statements of your love. Available with two side white diamonds with a large yellow diamond in center turns it more fancy and attractive. The center one may be a little larger than side diamonds. No rules apply for what shape of diamonds can be set and what size is the best.


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