Jul 15

Buying A Diamond Ring That Fits You

Buying a diamond ring seems to be pretty simple but it’s actually not. In addition to the designs, you also have to take into account a variety of things that will determine the cost of the piece of jewelry.

Below are some of the factors that you have to consider in buying a diamond ring that will really fit you.

1. Clarity
Clarity refers to the clearness of the stone. This means that the stone must not be hazy in appearance. When seen under the lens, there should be no flaws or imperfections in the form of spots. This is important as the number of flaws will determine the level that the diamond will be in. The higher the clarity, the more expensive the diamond will be.

2. Color
Although diamonds are basically clear in its color, colorless in short, there are some that carry shades of yellow. This is because of the way the diamond developed in the mining field. Because of this, diamonds are classified according to the color shades. The colorless ones are the costly ones while those with yellow shades are less expensive.

3. Cut
Although this is actually not so much a determinant of price, people still include this in their list of considerations because this will determine the brilliance of the diamond. The cut does not only refer to the shape of the stone but also to the number of cuts that make up its facets. The princess cut for instance can have as much as 57 facets. Other kinds of cuts are the marquise, the emerald, the pear, the oval and the round.

4. Carat
The carat, as most know, refers to the weight of the diamond. The bigger and heavier the diamond is, the more expensive it is. Stores will have a calculation of how heavy the individuals stones and also a calculation of the total weight. If there are colored stones like sapphires, rubies and emeralds, it is also good to ask for their equivalent weight.

5. Setting
In buying a diamond ring, you also have to choose the kind of setting that you want. There are actually a lot of metals that you can choose from. There is the gold, both white and yellow, that is still the choice of most people. There is also the titanium, the silver and the platinum, which is fast becoming a popular commodity in the country when it comes to rings.


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