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  2. Silver 925 Jewellery ! Perfect Metal For Jewellery Manufacturing Process — June 27, 2017
  3. Tips for Purchasing Silver Jewellery — June 26, 2017
  4. How To Tell If Gold Necklace Jewellery Is Genuine — June 25, 2017
  5. Trying A Right Hand Diamond Ring — June 24, 2017

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Jun 28

What You Should Know When Buying A Diamond Ring

Diamond information for couples interested in buying a diamond engagement ring. At a point in nearly every man’s life, there comes a time when his heart knows it’s time to buy a diamond engagement ring for the woman he loves. Only then will you feel comfortable buying a diamond engagement ring. There are many things …

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Jun 27

Silver 925 Jewellery ! Perfect Metal For Jewellery Manufacturing Process

Silver the popular metal from ancient time for production of Different items from household article to Jewellery. & from centuries it is still the same the reason behind is elementary. Silver is pure & ideal to manufacture Jewellery & it’s the exclusively & value in it. The very elderly trend indicate that silver 925 prices …

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Jun 26

Tips for Purchasing Silver Jewellery

Silver as a bare metal all through time has had lots of uses. It’s largest use even so has been in making quality jewellery and it is still true today. Thanks largely to the price of silver being a lot lower than it’s sought after cousin, gold. Patterned jewellery is very frequent and is typically …

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Jun 25

How To Tell If Gold Necklace Jewellery Is Genuine

You don’t need to go to a jeweler to determine if your gold necklace jewellery is genuine or not. All you need is a magnifying glass or jeweler’s loupe and your gold necklace jewellery. When you buy any jewelry, it is always good to know if it is fake or not. So, here are a …

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Jun 24

Trying A Right Hand Diamond Ring

This jewelry item is part social statement and is mainly addressed to our century’s independent and strong business women. The jewelry represents success, freedom, strength and independence while being such a fashionable accessory. This product is thought out to bring new life into this ages old love symbol of love. It is not just another …

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Jun 23

The 4 Cs For Loose Diamonds – Carat Weight, Color, Clarity, and Cut

Color Completely colorless diamonds are extremely rare. While most diamonds may appear to be colorless (white), if examined closely, most have subtle yellow shades that can be seen when comparing two diamonds next to one another or under a jeweler’s loupe or microscope. Colors in a diamond are not always bad, as pink, blue, and …

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Jun 23

Purchasing Indian Gold Jewellery Designs

Indian gold jewellery is known as the most auspicious since ancient Indian civilizations. We all are aware that gold jewellery is a favorite amongst all weddings in India. Indian brides and families consider gold to be the ultimate gift during weddings as well as special occasions. Usually, Indian brides are gifted gold jewellery when they …

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Jun 22

Jewelry and Diamond Buying Guide – Avoiding False Claims (2)

Certification of diamonds Most diamonds weighting one carat or more are carefully evaluated prior to being set by a respected laboratory such as the GIA or the AGL, and are issued a diamond grading report. That report both certifies the diamond as genuine and describes it, providing important information as color grade, flaw grade, weight …

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Jun 22

Why You Need a Black Diamond Ring

Black diamonds are incredibly mysterious. A piece of jewelry featuring a lovely black diamond is very eye-catching and a lot of fun. Black diamond’s can be true black or more gray in color, and black diamond jewelry can be found in a variety of colors and styles. Black diamond rings are incredibly popular, especially as …

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Jun 21

Make Your Love Feel More Lovable And Special With Diamond Ring!

There are numerous designs and styles in the wedding rings that are available to you to choose from. However, diamond engagement rings are out of this world if you get it for your engagement. This is the most important and special day for the couples where they promise each other for being forever. Diamonds are …

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