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Jan 30

The Timeless Beauty Of An Antique Style Diamond Ring

There are certain things that never fail to lose their style and appeal. Among all of these timeless pieces, the antique style diamond ring sits as number one. Its aesthetic are absolutely breathtaking. A diamond has unmatched brilliance that has captivated hearts of women from across the seven seas and all throughout the far corners …

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Jan 29

Jewelry and Gems The Buying Guide – Diamond Grading Report (2)

Evaluating proportioning from the report As discussed earlier, good proportioning is as critical to diamond as it is to the man or woman who wears it! The proportioning, especially the depth percentage and table percentage, s what determines how brilliance and fire the stone will have. The information provided on diamond reports pertaining to proportions …

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Jan 28

How to Choose Your Diamond – An Insider’s Guide on Selecting a Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR DIAMOND In an ideal world with unlimited budgets and an infinite supply of diamonds, everyone would have beautifully cut “D Flawless” diamonds. In the real world every diamond is unique. There are plenty of gorgeous diamonds to go around – you just need to know how to find one. Choosing a …

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Jan 26

Buying A Diamond Ring That Fits You

Buying a diamond ring seems to be pretty simple but it’s actually not. In addition to the designs, you also have to take into account a variety of things that will determine the cost of the piece of jewelry. Below are some of the factors that you have to consider in buying a diamond ring …

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Jan 25

Why choose opal jewellery

Opal is one of nature’s most gorgeous gemstones. Opals are available in many colour combinations so wearing an opal jewellery is like wearing all the colours of the rainbow. This makes it easier for you to pair your opal jewellery with a outfit. The history of opals is as rich as its colours. Opals are …

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Jan 23

Tips In Buying A Unique Diamond Ring

Because of the extreme demands for diamond rings, there are a lot of designs to choose from. In fact, when you go inside the jewelry store, about 80 percent of the rings that they are selling have diamonds in them. With literally hundreds, thousands and perhaps even millions of designs on your plate, how do …

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Jan 18

Handmade Designer Jewellery An Art

The business of making unique handcrafted jewellery has become very lucrative for the jewellery makers that are talented. Most people are seeking jewellery that is unique, unusual and something that no one else will own. Unique handmade designer jewellery is an art in itself. It is beautiful jewellery and is different from the mass marketed …

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Jan 14

Every Single Woman Would Like A Gold Diamond Ring

Does not ever it be nice to kneel down and give the woman you like a gold diamond ring? Each and every woman would like to be in her destination however. When it is for you personally to propose, men must render some sort of work and seek out a ring that she definitely will …

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Jan 14

Gifting Jewellery

Its always a wonderful experience to receive gifts on different occasions be it anniversary, birthday, New Year, Christmas or any other similar occasions. The experience of gifting others on all these occasions is also amazing. To choose a gift for such occasions is a tough task, because you also put your best wishes, blessings, love, …

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Jan 13

Diamond Flaws – Internal flaws

Internal flaws Crystal/ mineral inclusions Some diamonds show the presence of small crystals, minerals or other diamonds. These are classified in various categories depending upon the size and structure of the inclusion. While many such inclusions are small in size and not visible to the naked eye, some diamonds may have large inclusions, which can …

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