Jun 28

What You Should Know When Buying A Diamond Ring

Diamond information for couples interested in buying a diamond engagement ring. At a point in nearly every man’s life, there comes a time when his heart knows it’s time to buy a diamond engagement ring for the woman he loves. Only then will you feel comfortable buying a diamond engagement ring. There are many things to consider when learning how to buy a diamond, you should never rush into buying a diamond without first doing a little research as to how the diamonds are priced. Buying a diamond is no different, except most of know us very little about diamonds. Buying a diamond ring is often an emotional – not to mention expensive – experience.

Diamond Ring:
Buying a diamond ring can be a huge investment and you want to get one with the perfect diamond in it, so you may be intimidated if you are a first time buyer. Buying a diamond means investing in a piece for forever. Every individual buying a diamond seeks out the best they can afford. When buying a diamond, consider your budget and where the stone will be worn to help determine the ideal carat size. The Four C’s of Buying a Diamond, to determine the best price for your ring, you need to be familiar with the four C’s. The four C’s of cut, color, clarity, and carat are explained.

Diamond Color
Most diamonds have a slight hint of yellow and the diamond color scale is based on the amount of yellow present in a diamond. It’s the absence of color that adds value to the diamond. Diamond color is graded according to the GIA Grading Scale. Grades are based on the amount of yellow that is visible when viewed face down through the pavilion using the GIA Diamond Lite.

Jun 27

Silver 925 Jewellery ! Perfect Metal For Jewellery Manufacturing Process

Silver the popular metal from ancient time for production of Different items from household article to Jewellery. & from centuries it is still the same the reason behind is elementary. Silver is pure & ideal to manufacture Jewellery & it’s the exclusively & value in it. The very elderly trend indicate that silver 925 prices are keep increasing from the very past. If you look in term of India in some area people use silver 925 coin as money. they use to make Ring , Earring , pendant, Bracelet , Necklaces & brooches.

When they tell in term for Silver Jewellery now days it is segmented in one type of Jewellery. First is plain silver 925. Jewellery of 925 sterling silver Jewellery because only texture, hammered & other effects has been given to make jewelry. From centuries this form is keep changing. Now days people make designer silver 925 Jewellery like leaf, animal, natural pattern on Jewellery.

Second pattern is Silver Jewellery studded with real precious & semiprecious gemstones. there is vast type of natural gemstone are obtainable like garnet, citrine , amethyst , peridot , iolite , rainbow , labrodorite, blue topaz, rose quartz, black onyx & precious stones like diamond , ruby , emerald, diamond , sapphire are also use. By using these stones it work primary as fashion & trendy silver 925 Jewellery . & secondary people also love to use them & wear them as birthstone silver 925 Jewellery.

Third patter in silver 925 Jewellery made with glass, Swarovski & cubic zirconium. In this it is studded with stones but they are affordable & best quality looking gemstone. For very large production it is used. They look like same as natural stones. But they are very affordable.

999 silver is purest form

Jun 26

Tips for Purchasing Silver Jewellery

Silver as a bare metal all through time has had lots of uses. It’s largest use even so has been in making quality jewellery and it is still true today. Thanks largely to the price of silver being a lot lower than it’s sought after cousin, gold.

Patterned jewellery is very frequent and is typically referred to as fashion jewellery. Caution is required when buying silver as there can be forgeries out there so check for a hallmark even if you’re not certain what they mean. You will normally obtain that if a piece of jewellery is fake there will be no hallmark at all.ll.

Due to the effortlessly fashionable nature of silver you will discover practically all jewellery kinds can be found utilizing its sparkling charm. Charm jewellery is increasingly well-known. There are hundreds of varieties of charms readily available and they are really collectable. Wedding and engagement rings are really well-liked also with inlaid diamonds as they tend to show off the diamond quite well and can typically be a cheaper alternative for those who are not able to spend 1000’s on their loved ones. Of course we can not forget the old faithful watch which will usually look incredible in both gold or silver.
Specialist jewellers love silver as it enables them to make jewellery targeted at a specific niche of client. Once such niche market may be the initial charms area where a entire range can be designed and made to satisfy the marketplace swiftly and quickly.

Silver is a extremely soft metal and as such can be damaged extra simply than gold, check when purchasing for blemished or cracks. Silver is 1 of the metals that can get dirty very easily but is easy to clean so get some excellent cleaner from a jewellery store.

If you would like

Jun 25

How To Tell If Gold Necklace Jewellery Is Genuine

You don’t need to go to a jeweler to determine if your gold necklace jewellery is genuine or not. All you need is a magnifying glass or jeweler’s loupe and your gold necklace jewellery. When you buy any jewelry, it is always good to know if it is fake or not. So, here are a few tips you can follow to identify genuine jewelry:

1. Gather the gold necklace jewellery that you want to identify whether they are fake gold or not. Prepare a magnifying glass or a jeweler’s loupe and examine each necklace closely.

2. Locate the karat markings on your gold necklace jewellery. Necklaces made out of gold have markings that represent purity. These are called karat markings. Read the markings. Here are the karat markings that indicate the purity of your gold necklace jewellery:

24K: Pure gold 18K: About 75% gold 14K: About 59% gold 10K: About 42% gold

3. Locate a well lit area and look at your gold necklace jewellery near the clasp and look for a small metal tag. The tag should either be oval or rectangular and have the same gold color as the necklace chain and clasp. With a magnifying glass or loupe, look at both sides of the tag carefully. It will have the gold’s karat marking. The mark may be 10K, 14K, 18K, 24K or a decimal, such as .750 to indicate 75% or 18K.

4. On the tag, if the marks EP or GP can be found, the necklace is plated, meaning the necklace is not solid gold but merely plated with gold over another metal to reduce cost.

5. If you cannot find a marking, another way to tell if a necklace is fake gold is if the gold tarnishes. Look to see if the necklace has tarnished. If the gold appears dull and

Jun 24

Trying A Right Hand Diamond Ring

This jewelry item is part social statement and is mainly addressed to our century’s independent and strong business women. The jewelry represents success, freedom, strength and independence while being such a fashionable accessory.

This product is thought out to bring new life into this ages old love symbol of love. It is not just another ring that you simply put on your right hand, it has a very specific design.

The design for right hand diamond rings means to express the difference between them and traditional diamond rings. The right hand rings include smaller gems instead of a single larger stone and by using open spaces, negates all resemblances to the old style diamond rings.

Designs may very so much from one model to another because of the new elements that are added so that each one can express the personality and self assertiveness of the wearer.

They can also be fitted with diamonds of various shapes like oval and heart shaped diamonds, various sizes and materials like white gold, yellow gold, platinum and titanium to make the diamond ring really unique.
Right Hand Diamond Ring

The right hand diamond ring proposes a new approach by using a marketing strategy that addresses both to women and men at the same time.

For the independent women, the ring that she wears on the right hand expresses new feminist conceptions by stressing the woman’s need for independence. This is a symbolical impulse that the women that sometimes find themselves in the roles of housewives can do so much more with their lives.

The idea was that even if you are not married, as a strong and independent woman, you will strengthen your position of leadership at the side of men by wearing a diamond ring. As a new wave feminist

Jun 23

The 4 Cs For Loose Diamonds – Carat Weight, Color, Clarity, and Cut


Completely colorless diamonds are extremely rare. While most diamonds may appear to be colorless (white), if examined closely, most have subtle yellow shades that can be seen when comparing two diamonds next to one another or under a jeweler’s loupe or microscope. Colors in a diamond are not always bad, as pink, blue, and black diamonds have become increasingly popular in recent years. As with all precious stones, different diamond colors are a result of trace elements present within the diamond. The GIA has created a color grading scale for “white” diamonds that can help to identify the shade of the diamond (representing how much of the trace elements exist).

Diamonds are graded according to the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) color chart.

D,E,F – Colorless. Stone looks completely clear. These are the highest priced stones. Approximate price for VS1 Clarity, 1 carat round diamond: $15,000

G,H,I,J – Near Colorless. Some yellow or brown color is visible when the stone is not mounted. When mounted, the stone appears colorless. This range is considered very good value for the money. Approximate price for VS1 Clarity, 1 carat round diamond: $10,000

K,L,M – Light Yellow. Yellow tint shows. When mounted this still appears tinted. Approximate price for VS1 Clarity, 1 carat round diamond: $5,000

N-Y – Yellow. Strong yellow color. These stones are not used in much fine jewelry. Approximate price for VS1 Clarity, 1 carat round diamond: Less than $3,500

Z+ – Fancy. Bright, remarkable color. Usually blue, pink, yellow, etc. Approximate price for VS1 Clarity, 1 carat round diamond: More than $10,000.


Diamond Clarity is a way to measure the extent of a diamond’s internal flaws. A diamond that does not have many flaws (known as inclusions in the diamond world) is, as one would expect, of higher quality and price. This is because inclusions interfere

Jun 23

Purchasing Indian Gold Jewellery Designs

Indian gold jewellery is known as the most auspicious since ancient Indian civilizations. We all are aware that gold jewellery is a favorite amongst all weddings in India. Indian brides and families consider gold to be the ultimate gift during weddings as well as special occasions. Usually, Indian brides are gifted gold jewellery when they are about to get married either by their parents or in-laws. It stands for her beauty, uniqueness as well as individuality. Indian gold jewellery is usually worn on big occasions like weddings, engagements, festivals or birthdays.

When it comes to gold jewellery India is amongst the leading countries to use it. It is a metal that is very expensive and its value always keeps increasing. Gold is also known as a great option for investment and is followed by many. Genuine golf is always soft and spongy and hence used for manufacturing gold jewellery in all almost every country around the world. Gold is also used for many pieces of jewellery. Indian gold jewellery designs include a huge range like necklaces, bangles, rings, earrings, watches and nose-rings. Gold necklaces are known to be the second preferred used gold jewellery items after gold rings. They truly add elegance to the attire you wear and add zeal to your personality. Gold is mixed with another metal in order to produce allot that is strong sufficient to produce quality jewellery and soft sufficient for different gold jewellery designs. The clearness of gold is called karat and has different quality types. A 24K or 24 karat gold is known to be the finest quality of gold and is not used for jewellery.

Any alloy that has a value below 10 karat is not qualified as gold. Gold is judged strictly on genuine percentage. 24k gold equals 99.9% gold, 18k

Jun 22

Jewelry and Diamond Buying Guide – Avoiding False Claims (2)

Certification of diamonds

Most diamonds weighting one carat or more are carefully evaluated prior to being set by a respected laboratory such as the GIA or the AGL, and are issued a diamond grading report. That report both certifies the diamond as genuine and describes it, providing important information as color grade, flaw grade, weight cutting and proportioning, and so on. If you are considering the purchasing of a very fine diamond weighing one carat or more and it is not accompanied by such a report, we would strongly recommend that you or the seller have the stone evaluated by the GIA or another respected laboratory prior to purchase. You should do so even if it means having a stone that is already set removed from the setting and reset. Given the significant difference in cost that can result from a grading error in the rarer grades, we believes this procedure is worth the inconvenience and expense.

Unfortunately, the confidence of the public in diamonds accompanied by the certificates has given rise to the practice of altering and counterfeiting them. While you can be relatively sure that “certificated” diamonds sold by reputable, established jewelry firms are what they claim to be, there are some suppliers and dealers who are seizing opportunities to prey on the unsuspecting.

Altering certificates

Sometimes information is changed on an otherwise valid certificate; for example, the flaw or color grade may be altered. If you have any question regarding information on the certificate, a phone call to the lab (or its web site) giving them the certificate number and date will enable you to verify the information on the certificate.

Counterfeit certificates

Producing a certificate from a nonexistent lab is an increasingly common problem. Stones accompanied by fancy “certificates” from impressive sounding labs that don’t exist are appearing more and more frequently.

Jun 22

Why You Need a Black Diamond Ring

Black diamonds are incredibly mysterious. A piece of jewelry featuring a lovely black diamond is very eye-catching and a lot of fun. Black diamond’s can be true black or more gray in color, and black diamond jewelry can be found in a variety of colors and styles. Black diamond rings are incredibly popular, especially as engagement rings and fashion rings. Black diamond rings appear in movies and on the fingers of celebrities. Allow us to give you many reasons to indulge in black diamond jewelry for yourself or others. Buying a Black Diamond Ring:

You want a unique April birthstone. The diamond is April’s birthstone, but many people born in April want something more unique in their birthstone jewelry. Black diamond jewelry allows you to celebrate your birth month while owning diamond jewelry that is special and exceptional. A black diamond ring is also a great gift choice for your sister, girlfriend or mother who was born in April.

You love neutral fashions. Neutral clothing and accessories are fabulous pieces for a modern wardrobe because they can be mixed and matched to keep your clothing collection interesting. Diamond rings with black and gray stones are incredibly neutral and modern, allowing you to wear them every day with special or laid-back outfits. Black diamond jewelry will match lots of other pieces in your collection, whether you own several pearl bracelets, a collection of white diamond necklaces or an extravagant pair of onyx earrings.

You don’t want an average engagement ring. Engagement rings with basic white diamonds may be a great choice for many women, but black diamond engagement rings are unique and just as glamorous. Black diamond engagement rings are very contemporary while also offering a vintage Art Deco look. Solitaire black diamonds are

Jun 21

Make Your Love Feel More Lovable And Special With Diamond Ring!

There are numerous designs and styles in the wedding rings that are available to you to choose from. However, diamond engagement rings are out of this world if you get it for your engagement. This is the most important and special day for the couples where they promise each other for being forever. Diamonds are all time favorite of the women. They are magnificently attracted by the beauty of diamond. This is the only pearl which enhances the beauty of women in an extra-ordinary way. Now days, mostly couples prefer for the diamond rings for their wedding or engagement ceremony.

You can get the diamond from the leading certified stores. You can find a variety of diamond jewelries which are designed in accordance with the latest fashion and trends. With these diamond online stores, you can get a variety in the designer diamond engagement rings. All these diamond rings will surely liked by your would-be bride and even everybody will adore your darling as she will shine in the ceremony with her stunning ring. Diamond has always been considered as the symbol of love from the ancient times.

At the time you present your mate with the diamond engagement rings, you are likely going to make a lifelong commitment to love her forever. So it would be far better to get from the reliable dealer. However, with the credible store, you can buy engagement rings wedding bands and any other diamond jewelry. These stores are serving to their customers since many decades and gained a trust and appreciation from their customers. Any diamond jewelry whether you want to present to your spouse on your wedding anniversary or going to propose her, you can purchase from these foremost stores.

Moreover, these stores also avail the facility to get the customized ring

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